Pin to Win – 7 Ways to Boost Your Pinterest Marketing Success (Part 2)

As we promised you last week in our post, we continue today our series of bright tips on how to take your Pinterest marketing to the next level.

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5. Watch Audience Engagement


Reviewing your notifications on a regular basis is an excellent way to monitor who’s engaging with your content and which of your pins are popular with your audience. This also reveals which topics people are finding you for and which topics are trending.

A great way to give your appreciation to your audience is to reach out to those who are already engaging with you. Like and repin their content. If appropriate, invite them to pin to one of your group boards. You can even message other pinners (if you follow each other) and see if there’s something you can do to help them out.

Maybe you’re getting a lot of engagement because someone influential repinned you. That could slide by if you’re unaware of who is pinning your material.

6. Adapt your strategy with the help of Pinterest Analytics


Using this Pinteret tool will help you track what types of content people are interested in, and it can also help you make informed choices with the content you share and create in the future. Regularly review activity on your Pinterest account, such as top pin impressions, repins & clicks.

The life span of content on Pinterest is a lot longer than material on other social platforms. You can get activity from certain pins a month later, a year later or even longer. If you check too often, it won’t give you an accurate reflection of your Pinterest engagement. So, it’s best to check your Pinterest metrics monthly to get a more accurate picture of how pins from your site are performing.

7. Show Pins to Newsletter Readers


A hot Pinterest tip from Aime Schwartz (the smart Social Media Marketer at King Arthur flour): turn your customer’s email inbox into a pinbox by including a few of your best Pinterest pins in your newsletter. Include a screenshot of your Pinterest Pin(s) in your newsletter. Place a clickable link on the image that links to the Pinterest Pin.

When newsletter readers click on the image they’re taken to that pin on Pinterest where they also browse your pin boards to see what else you have. This way you give the Pinterest enthusiasts on your email list a simple way to join your Pinterest party. It’s a win-win!
Success on Pinterest, like any social media platform, requires that you start with a goal and a strategy. Consistently incorporating the tips featured in this article can help increase traffic to your website, which could ultimately result in more sales.
Is Pinterest part of your social media strategy? Please share with us the special Pinterest techniques that you use and don’t forget to visit our Pinterest boards.

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