Painting the Town Pink: Bright Pink Agency Wins 2024 Business Excellence Award in Coral Springs

We tend to shine the spotlight on our clients, but this news is worth celebrating: we’re ecstatic to announce that we have clinched the 2024 Business Excellence Award in the “Small Business” category by the City of Coral Springs! This moment is not just about us; it’s a celebration shared with our colleagues (both near and far), clients, and the dynamic Coral Springs business community. This accolade is the culmination of our remarkable teamwork and collective effort to succeed.  

A Ceremony at the Coral Springs City Hall

The ceremony took place at the Coral Springs City Hall on May 1, 2024. We were in good company, as seven other remarkable businesses from Coral Springs were also recognized for their contributions to the city’s economic growth and community spirit. Coral Springs Mayor Scott J. Brook and City Commissioners presented each recipient with their award, and winners had an opportunity to speak. Our president and CEO, Madalina Iordache, thanked the City and the Bright Pink team for making it all possible. 

We are so proud that the city our headquarters calls home has recognized our contributions. The support from our local community means the world to us. It’s truly humbling to be celebrated for our commitment to excellence and positive impact on the Coral Springs business landscape.

The honor highlights the unstoppable spirit and determination of our team. We pour our passion and expertise into everything we do, which has enabled us to soar to even greater heights. From our savvy developers to creative designers and writers, every member is a vital piece of our puzzle, contributing to our success in their own unique way. 

Our commitment to delivering exceptional results has enabled us to stand out in a competitive market. This award reaffirms our core values—empathy, passion, and drive—and motivates us to continue raising the bar in everything we do.

As we celebrate this milestone, we also recognize the support of our clients and partners, whose trust and collaboration have been instrumental in our growth journey. We have overcome challenges, embraced opportunities, and forged lasting relationships built on mutual respect and shared success.

We sincerely thank the Coral Springs Economic Development Office for the honor—and for making Coral Springs shine bright pink! 

By Aline Larson

Creative and cosmopolitan, Aline Larson is the copy editor at Bright Pink Agency. An ardent bibliophile and cinephile, Aline is passionate about writing, reading, and films. You can find her devouring a book, watching TCM, or cheering on the Miami Heat when she's not editing grammar.