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A Marketing Plan to Support Your Brand and Your Locations (Not Just for Selling Franchises)

It’s no secret that a great franchise marketing strategy has a direct effect on attracting new franchisees. But while there’s a lot of support for the “how to sell franchises” type of franchise marketing, there’s very little information on how to successfully market a franchise network, for the benefit of the brand as a whole and of each franchise location individually.

The reality is all those “how to’s” and other canned solutions you’ve come across in your searches hardly ever apply to your unique situation.

Where You Are Today, Where You’re Going

Whether you’re just getting started in franchising, or you’re established and growing, you’re probably already doing a lot marketing-wise. From brand manuals, to social media, and to support materials for your franchisees, the more you do – the more complex your work has gotten, and the harder it has become to see the complete picture and all the effects of your actions.

And that’s exactly why you need a franchise marketing strategy. We believe this is the best way to know where you’re standing and chart where you’re going.

Why Should You Have a Franchise Marketing Strategy?

  • While you may already have a plan for each aspect of marketing you’re currently running (SEO, content marketing, PR, etc.) there are many benefits to having an overarching plan that includes “everything marketing”:
  • Get the 30,000 foot-view on what you’re currently doing;
  • Take a fresh look (from an outsider’s perspective) at each of the tactics you’re currently running; is everything still relevant? (A LOT has changed in 2020);
  • Is there something you’re NOT currently doing, but you should?
  • Get all your different vendors, internal marketing team, and other stakeholders on the same page;
  • Chart the path ahead for achieving your marketing goals.

Should You Write Your Own Franchise Marketing Strategy?

You could, but the trouble is that you’re too close to the topic to see the bigger picture. It’s hard to get perspective when you’re swimming in the same pond. The better way is to write it with an experienced franchise marketing consultant, that can bring a fresh set of eyes (or several, in the case of an agency like ours) long with their expertise and experience.


Madalina and the entire team over at Bright Pink have been great to work with. They have been an excellent business partner in developing and executing our digital marketing strategy. In addition to keeping us on track with our websites for all of our locations, and social media, they have been a critical component for our success in digital marketing. I would highly recommend them if you are looking for a digital marketing partner and consultant.

Owner of 7 PuroClean franchises

Bright Pink Agency has been a great asset to my business. They have been helpful in getting me more exposure and traffic with their posts to Google My Business and my Facebook page. We also use their tool to help us solicit more reviews online as well. They do work for me that I don’t have time or staff to manage. I highly recommend their services.

PuroClean in Columbus, OH

Madalina, Hope, and the rest of the Bright Pink team have been a great help to us! Our business is growing rapidly and one of our most exciting new lead sources has been the Chat feature they added to our website. They worked with us to customize our script for the Chat person to use when speaking with our potential customers, and we have landed multiple jobs via live chat already – including a $30k fire restoration job!!! Bright Pink also help us maintain a competitive online presence and pull all the …

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Frequently Asked Questions

A franchise marketing strategy, also called a plan, is a practical document that includes everything you do (or will do) to market your franchise brand. It is essential for the success of your franchise. Marketing doesn’t just happen – it requires strategy, goals, and tactics. Understanding these three components will help guide you as you build out your franchise marketing plan. The best way to create a franchise marketing plan is through investing in professional guidance that can maximize your chances of success.

A franchise marketing strategy includes everything you do to market your brand. Marketing involves the promotion of products or brands to buyers. It may have a higher focus on building awareness for your brand, rather than satisfying customer demand, which is largely the function of sales organizations. Some examples of franchise marketing solutions are advertising, social media marketing, web design and development, SEO, or public relations activities.

It’s never too early… Failing to create a marketing strategy before starting to market your franchise can be costly long-term for any business. By creating a properly comprehensive, targeted, and time-specific marketing plan you’re maximizing the possibilities of generating significant ROI in various marketing platforms.

You should only write your own franchise marketing strategy if you have a very broad range of exposure to all types of marketing platforms and tactics in order to know what combinations might work. The more experienced you are in the field, the stronger your plan will be. Otherwise, find an expert in franchise marketing who can take on your brand’s needs and execute them better than if it were being handled by someone with fewer years in the industry or just one type of exposure or experience.

As often as necessary. The summary below is a suggested process for reviewing your existing franchise marketing strategy and incorporating new ideas:

A) Has anything significant changed? If your franchise brand is offering additional services, or digital versions of formerly in-person-only services, then it’s time to check if the current marketing strategy can cover these. Changes in audiences most often prompt the biggest changes.
B) Review the results of prior campaigns based on sales and customer feedback. Consider whether they were successful and if so, what they accomplished? What new insight was gained from monitoring these campaigns? What did you learn about your customers? Use these insights to revise, adapt, and add to your marketing strategy.