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Most franchise marketing agencies focus on franchise sales.
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Marketing Strategy

Whether you’re just getting started in franchising, or you’re established and growing, you’re probably already doing a lot marketing-wise. And the more you do – the more complex your work has gotten, and the harder it has become to see the complete picture and all the effects of your actions. That’s why you need a franchise marketing strategy. We believe this is the best way to know where you’re standing and chart where you’re going.

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Web Design

We build scalable WordPress Multisite websites. These are websites that work today and are equipped to adapt to whatever tomorrow brings. Whether you’re just getting started, you’re an emerging franchise network, or you’re well-established, a website is a significant marketing investment. Therefore, it should serve your business well for years to come. So your website should grow and adapt to your franchise business.

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Content Marketing

Our social media and content marketing services for franchisors and franchisees will have your network covered from strategy, to creative, to daily management, and to training. With affordable packages for your franchisees, we help them stand out in their local market with SEO-driven web content and personalized social posts. We also built the only social media management platform created for franchise and multi-location businesses.

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

From your brand to your local franchisees, we know how important it is to be found. Unlike most SEO companies, who focus on volume and effort, we bring our holistic marketing experience and expertise to the table and focus on quality and results. From website speed optimization, to meaningful content, online reviews, and quality backlinks, we integrate your SEO with your marketing strategy as a whole.

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Local Franchise Marketing Support

We built Bright Reviews to be an easy-to-use app for budget-conscious franchisees. Then, we integrated it with our clients’ CRMs to maximize adoption and productivity. It’s not fit-for-all, it fit-for-you.

Reviews are great for ranking higher in Google, but they considerably drive conversion when displayed on your franchisees’ websites. With our built-in widget, it’s easy to showcase their positive reviews where it matters most.

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Working with Bright Pink Agency on the complete redesign of the PuroClean website was the right choice for us. In our world of emergency services for property damage where localization, mobile-friendliness, and speed are paramount, our franchisees are overwhelmingly positive about the finished product. Bright Pink Agency helped us achieve our highest goal.

PuroClean President & COO

Madalina and the entire team over at Bright Pink have been great to work with. They have been an excellent business partner in developing and executing our digital marketing strategy. In addition to keeping us on track with our websites for all of our locations, and social media, they have been a critical component for our success in digital marketing. I would highly recommend them if you are looking for a digital marketing partner and consultant.

Owner of 7 PuroClean franchises

Bright Pink Agency has been a great asset to my business. They have been helpful in getting me more exposure and traffic with their posts to Google My Business and my Facebook page. We also use their tool to help us solicit more reviews online as well. They do work for me that I don’t have time or staff to manage. I highly recommend their services.

PuroClean in Columbus, OH

Award-Winning Marketing

We’re proud of the work we do. Others think we’re pretty great too!

Our Unique Approach to

Franchise Marketing

Marketing for Your Brand and Your Locations (Not Just for Selling Franchises)

Our franchise marketing agency operates as an extension of your internal marketing department at headquarters. We work with you to increase brand awareness and support your franchisees to market locally.

We Put Owned Media First

Other franchise marketing agencies are SEO & PPC specialists first, and then offer you the rest of the marketing tactics as satellites to their main offering. We put your brand and your website at the core of your marketing.

Bright People, Bright Ideas, Bright Results

About Us

Bright Pink Agency is an award-winning, full-service marketing company. Working primarily with franchisors, franchisees, and nonprofits, we’re on a mission to help businesses clarify their message and tell their story across all traditional and digital media. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Franchise marketing is the sum of marketing strategies and tactics used by franchisors and their franchisees to increase brand awareness, attract new leads or customers, and grow their revenue. It includes both digital marketing and offline marketing. Franchise marketing is done both in-house, through the franchisor’s internal marketing department, and with the help of a franchise marketing agency that is knowledgeable in franchising.

A franchise marketing agency is knowledgeable in the franchise industry. They work with the franchisor to develop programs that help areas like marketing strategy & planning, lead generation, prospecting and conversion of prospects into buyers. They also create special programs and work with individual franchisees on implementing local marketing programs and tactics.

To market a franchise business, whether you are a franchisor or a franchisee, you must first start with a franchise marketing strategy or plan. This document starts by defining your goals, your targeted audiences, and the specifics of your market. Then, it includes specific plans of action for increasing brand awareness, planning or improving your website, increasing its visibility in search engines (SEO), marketing on social media, email marketing, public relations, and more.