We Design Beautiful, Easy to Maintain Websites for Nonprofits

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Website design for nonprofits starts with your goals and ends with ongoing optimization

Our Website Design Solutions for Nonprofits Include:

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Strategic & Content Planning
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Website Architecture
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UI/UX Design
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Usability Testing
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Website Development
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Custom Features
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Third-Party Integrations
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Content Migration
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SEO Services
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ADA/WCAG Compliance
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Ongoing Website Management

Why Our Clients Love Working with Us

We Truly Listen

We take the time to really understand your organization, your story, your cause, and your goals. Only then can we recommend the right solutions for your new or improved nonprofit website.

A Website You Can Maintain Yourself

It’s important that your team is able to update your website easily and frequently. The websites we design and build for nonprofits have intuitive interfaces that make it easy to add, edit, and remove content as needed.

Ongoing Support

Your organization is growing and evolving continuously, so it’s important that your website does, too. Whether you want to add a new feature, switch up the homepage, or undergo a complete makeover, we’re here for you.

Building Scalable WordPress Website Design for Growing Nonprofits

  • Fit for today, adaptable for tomorrow
  • Start small, grow as much as you’re destined to
  • An investment that lasts

We design and build scalable WordPress websites for nonprofits that work today and are equipped to adapt to whatever tomorrow brings. Whether you’re just getting started, you’re an emerging nonprofit organization, or you’re well-established, a website is a significant marketing investment. Done right, it will serve your team and visitors well for years to come. Your website should grow and adapt, right along with your increasing needs.

Modern, User-Friendly, Responsive Websites for Nonprofits

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Modern design driven by your brand identity
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Designed for an excellent user experience on any device
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Streamlined functionality and usability testing

We design and build websites that represent your nonprofit organization’s brand appropriately, provide an excellent user experience for your visitors, and adapt to any device they may be visiting from.

Strategic Nonprofit Website Design & Development from Homepage Through Each Subpage

  • Planned specifically for success in your local market
  • SEO-minded and content-driven, with accessibility in mind
  • Your subpages matter – sometimes more than your homepage

A great, updated design isn’t enough to make a website successful on its own. That’s why we focus first on your website’s structure, content, and user experience.

“It is a delight to be able to work with such an efficient and talented marketing firm. I highly recommend working with Bright Pink Agency to meeting your marketing/branding needs.”
Abby Mosher
“Amazing company run by creative, competent, professional and compassionate women! And some men are there too! Bright Pink has worked with our nonprofit agency on both our web site and our social media. Working with their team has been a pleasure. Through our projects they listened to our needs, took the time to understand our goals, target audience, and shared fabulous insight. They deliver product on time, and are super responsive. I highly recommend!”
Cherie Benjoseph
“The entire staff at Bright Pink Agency is incredibly gifted. Their eye for detail is amazing, they have created our website, palm cards, folders and flyers; allowing us to brand our message in a clear concise way. The entire staff is extremely professional and offer excellent customer service. We highly recommend Bright Pink Agency.”
Cassie McGovern

It depends on several factors – such as the complexity of your organization, the categories of website visitors targeted, any special features you may want to include (events, fundraising, etc.), whether or not you need help creating content (text, photography, videos), and more. The number of pages is only a vague indicator, but generally speaking – the more pages your nonprofit website has, the more complex it will be, and the more expensive.

A startup nonprofit could get away with a simple single-page website (they are not just for businesses), that can cost around $4,500. But as your organization grows and matures, you’ll need to break up your services or audiences on separate pages, and resources, a blog, and more. A small nonprofit website of around 10 page would cost you around $12,000. A medium-size nonprofit website would start at around $15,000. To that, you should factor in the cost of ongoing maintenance and updating the website, so you don’t let your website degrade once it’s launched.

You should plan for about 4-6 months for your new nonprofit website. Your nonprofit website design agency should provide you with a clear timeline that includes all the steps and milestones for your nonprofit website project. When reviewing the timeline, keep in mind how many stakeholders will need to review the deliverables and ask for more time for review if necessary. If, for instance, you need your board to review deliverables and your board only meets once a month, then a week for revisions is not realistic.

You don’t always need to start a website from scratch. If your original or current website was built on WordPress, which is a scalable platform, and if it has a clear and efficient page structure and good SEO value, you can go for a redesign or “facelift”. This means having your website design agency create a new theme to give your new website a modern, updated look & feel. This is also a good opportunity to add new functionality, make improvements for mobile usability or other UX/UI changes. Generally, if you plan for a design update every 3-4 years, that shouldn’t come at the cost of designing a brand new website.

Unfortunately no one can promise you that, for two reasons: 1. Google is a third-party that no vendor has control of; 2. found in Google… for what search query? If someone were to type your company name in Google, you are likely to be found within the first few weeks of launching your new nonprofit websites. However, if you want to be found for queries or keywords that name your services, then you will have to earn that through a process called Search Engine Optimization (SEO). This process starts with the planning process of your website and continues well after you’ve launched your new website. It involves steps to take on your website (content, keyword optimization, meta tags, etc.) and off your website (Google My Business, social media, directories, backlinks, etc.) We can help you create a plan and take the necessary steps towards making your website more findable.

Of course! Our staff writers and editors create well-researched, relevant, unique, keyword-optimized text for our clients’ websites. Our project managers help plan all the necessary content for the websites we produce, and our art directors source the right media –photography, video, illustrations – to enhance your visitors’ user experience.

When your new nonprofit website need content to be moved from your old website, we’ll happily help you migrate it properly onto your new platform of theme. Many times, the process can be automated, which means considerable savings – both cost and time. This usually happens when your website remains on the same platform, but we have successfully automated content migrations from completely different platforms as well. Other times, migration is a manual process. Every project is different. No matter your situation, our team will happily support you to make sure your new nonprofit website launches successfully.

Absolutely! We empower our clients with the right setup and tools to make sure they can do the most frequent and typical tasks – such as editing text on various pages, adding events, writing blogs, maintaining galleries, and more. However keep in mind there are always things you won’t be able to change unless you have programming knowledge – such as things that determine your “theme”: the layout, fonts, colors, the appearance of your navigation, your basic page structure, etc. For all of these changes, we provide ongoing support either on retainer or on pay-as-you-go plans.