Beautiful, Scalable Franchise Web Design and Development

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Our Franchise Web Design and Development Solutions Include:

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Strategic & Content Planning
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Website Architecture
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UI/UX Design
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Usability Testing
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Website Development
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Custom Features
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Third-Party Integrations
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Content Migration
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SEO Services
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ADA/WCAG Compliance
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Ongoing Website Management

Franchising websites are not like other websites. They are so much more!

Building Scalable WordPress Websites for Growing Franchises

  • Fit for today, adaptable for tomorrow
  • Scale from few to however many
  • An investment that lasts

At our company, we specialize in building excellent, scalable WordPress Multisite websites specifically tailored to the needs of growing franchises in a world that is in constant change. Our websites are designed to fit the present needs of your franchise but are adjustable so that they can adapt to match whatever the future holds. Whether your franchise is just starting out, in the emerging stages of growth, or well-established and expanding, investing in a website is an investment that will last for years, and that is why it is critical to make sure it is built to satisfy the present as well as continually evolve to match your franchise’s growing needs. With our expert team, we build websites that are scalable, resilient, and poised to effectively serve your franchise.

Why Our Clients Love Working with Us

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We truly listen

“They listened to our needs more closely and communicated with our team more clearly. “

Steve White, PuroClean

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We’re there for them, through thick and thin

“I could not think of a better partner to navigate those challenging waters with.”

Chris Gaba, Central Bark

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We’re part of their team

“…one team, working collaboratively to achieve ambitious goals for our brand”

Mark Davis, PuroClean

Modern, User-Friendly, Responsive Franchise Web Design

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Modern design driven by your brand identity
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User experience design on any device
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Usability testing

We design and build websites that represent your franchise business brand appropriately. Also, they provide an excellent user experience for your clients and adapt to any device they may be used on.

And because we’re a full-service franchise marketing agency, you can rest assured that your new website is brand-aware, SEO-optimized, and a perfect vehicle for content marketing.

Strategic Design & Development from Corporate to Each Microsite

  • Planned for success in local markets
  • Easily syndicate content from corporate to all microsites
  • Never stop improving: easily make changes across the network

We take great pride in developing highly personalized websites for each of your franchisee’s locations, uniquely tailored to their local markets. Our expert team of web developers takes every aspect of the website, from the homepage to each service page, adding a local touch to make sure that your franchisees’ websites truly stand out in their respective markets. Our approach to website development focuses on the belief that every microsite must be tailored to match the needs and preferences of each franchisee’s local client base.

We understand that cookie-cutter websites that may have worked in the past are no longer effective in the modern online environment, and that is why we prioritize localizing the microsites as an essential step toward their long-term success. By customizing the websites to match the unique flavor of each franchisee’s local market, we ensure that each franchisee can enjoy a substantial competitive advantage over its rivals.

At the same time, we ensure that all microsites benefit from a cohesive web presence, which is crucial to maintaining branding consistency across your network. Our team employs a wide range of tools, templates, and syndicated content to ensure that all franchisees achieve a high level of visibility across their local markets and beyond. By utilizing these components, we enhance the overall effectiveness.

Free Guide:

5 Mistakes to Avoid When you’re Planning a Franchise Network Website

“Working with Bright Pink Agency on the complete redesign of the PuroClean website was the right choice for us. Our franchisees are overwhelmingly positive about the finished product. Bright Pink Agency helped us achieve our highest goal.”
Steve White
President u0026amp; COO, PuroClean
“The combined efforts and tremendous contributions from our marketing department, Bright Pink Agency, and our website committee truly signify our continued efforts to stand together as one team, working collaboratively to achieve ambitious goals for our brand.”
Mark Davis
CEO, PuroClean
“I could not think of a better partner to navigate those challenging waters with! You and your team have been amazing in your professionalism and work. I believe our new site is really serving us well thanks to you! We are looking forward to a long and mutually beneficial relationship and we are filled with gratitude for you and Bright Pink!”
Chris Gaba
Co-Founder, Central Bark
Frequently Asked Questions

While no web design and development firm can provide a fixed price estimate because of the many variables, we generally advise emerging franchises with less than 100 units to budget a minimum of $35,000 for their website redesign. Franchise brands with more than 100 units should budget upwards of $55,000.rnrnHowever, it’s impossible to give an accurate answer to this question without knowing the specifics. A website will be tailored in size, content, design, and other factors that differ greatly from client to client.rnrnA website is designed according to the needs of its customers through a process called “needs assessment”. This means asking questions about what your company does, how it could be done better, who are you trying to reach, etc. A successful website design for one company might not work so well for another depending on their goals and objectives reaching different markets or customers.

Although we built a website for a 200-unit franchise brand in 4 months from kick-off meeting to launch, that’s extremely rare. For most typical projects, we would advise planning for at least 6 months. The more stakeholders are involved, the lengthier the franchise web design process. Always factor in time for assembling and consulting with a franchisee steering committee and various layers of user testing. For complex projects that involve migration from one system to another (Drupal to WordPress, for instance), factor in the time needed for transferring and verifying all content, which vastly differs from one website to another. Finally, you want to allow ample time for your franchisees to provide or fill in any local content they are responsible for when it comes to their local websites.

It is not always necessary to start a website from scratch. If the original or current website was built on a scalable platform like WordPress, has a clear and efficient page structure, and good SEO value, you can plan instead for a redesign or u0022faceliftu0022. This means updating or building a new theme to give your new website an updated, modern look u0026amp; feel, add new functionality, make improvements for mobile usability or other UX/UI improvements. Generally, you should plan for a design update every 3-4 years, but that shouldn’t come at the cost of designing a brand new website.

The SEO value of your current website can most certainly be transferred to your new website. Our franchise web design and development specialists are mindful to preserve valuable content, links, and meta tags, while at the same time addressing frequently encountered issues that affect SEO: website loading time, mobile usability issues, and other technical errors. If you already have a trusted SEO partner, we’ll work closely with them to ensure that your new website not only preserves its SEO value, but also enhances it.

Absolutely! We have great writers and editors on staff who can help create well-researched, relevant, unique, keyword-optimized text for your website. Our project managers help plan all the necessary content for the websites we produce, and our art directors will source the right photography and create the perfect illustrations to enhance the user experience.

If your new franchise website requires content to be migrated from your old website, we’ll gladly help you transfer it properly onto the new platform of theme. Often times, the migration can be automated, which can save a considerable amount of time and cost. This is the case when the website stays on the same platform, but we have successfully automated migrations from different platforms as well. In other cases, migration is a manual process. It all depends on the specifics of every project. Whatever the case may be, our team is happy to support you in any way we can to ensure a successful new website launch.

There are many ways to ensure your franchisees’ websites are significantly unique even when they are all based on the same brand-approved template and boilerplate content. By employing a combination of randomized content, microsite variables, and unique content that is store-specific, the resulting franchise microsites are different enough to be considered unique rather than duplicated content. Moreover, we have special content marketing plans for franchisees that allows them to continuously add unique, relevant, local content to their websites.