6 Tried-and-True Ways to Make Your Social Media Presence More Effective

6 ways to make your social media more effective

If you’re marketing on social media, there are a few tried-and-true methods to increase your presence and engagement, hence making your social media more effective. Most of these tips are incredibly simple to implement into your daily routine. 


If you want to have a social media presence, you need to create content, constantly. You may be thinking to yourself: but I’m not a content creator, what do I make? 

The truth is that without content, you simply cannot build a presence. Whether you are trying to attract an audience of ideal customers, or separate yourself from your competitors, you must create, source, and publish content. 
Here are some examples of content:

  • original blog posts;
  • research you have completed; 
  • infographics.

These types of content require some work to put together, but content could also be as simple as a picture of your team in the office or a “behind-the-scenes” shot. 

If you know you are targeting followers who are dealing with a particular issue, then you should create content that speaks directly to it. 

No matter what type of content you end up creating, it needs to make a statement, fit your brand, and stand out on your followers’ feeds. 


Creating content is only the beginning. After your post is live, you need to make sure you engage and communicate with your followers. 
An easy way to communicate via your posts is to always @mention people or accounts you reference. 

Another simple avenue for communication is answering questions people ask and replying when people @mention you or share your content. When you reply to a comment, you are starting a conversation with that follower.
The most important part of social media is communicating and answering questions from followers, whether through replies or content marketing. Offering solutions to problems instead of just selling shows your business is an authority on the subject and potentially earns you a lifelong customer.


Social media optimization is not the same undertaking as search engine optimization (SEO). Optimizing your social media is quick and easy to do. 
One simple way to optimize your social media presence across your various accounts is to add related keywords to your profile. Then, optimize your posts to increase your presence by creating a hashtag for your brand, and including it in your profile. When you are creating content, include those keywords and hashtags in every post. 

Another easy way to optimize your presence is to connect with other accounts in your area to increase your exposure. 


The type of content that generates the most engagement is short videos or animated illustrations. Photography is also a great way to let the visuals on your profile speak for you. Using lifestyle-based images or unique illustrations grabs the viewer’s attention and keeps those images in their mind. 

Make sure to use the same photography style and same brand colors in all of your visuals to give your feed a cohesive look and feel. Using a photographer or designer/illustrator for your social media will give it a more unique look instead of using generic stock photos. 
Want some tips for easy-to-make-yourself content? Here you go:

  • team photos or videos;
  • pictures of customers;
  • events you host or go to;
  • behind the scenes of what is going on in your world. 


Who is your audience? Who are you looking to get as a follower? Because random people (or, worse, paid followers) following in mass numbers doesn’t help your brand. 

What you need is authentic, actual followers that are interested in your content. Maybe it’s customers, or maybe other people in your industry, or even influencers. Figuring out who your audience is and who to publicize to, will help increase your presence. 

Then, you can focus on which social media platforms to be the most active on, figure out what time to post to reach that specific audience, and what content is the most relatable. Your audience can also change your brand’s voice. Are you writing to other professionals, or are you writing to every person? 


The last and most important way to help your business stand out on social media is to have a strategy. Your strategy incorporates everything that you learned above into one cohesive plan for conquering the social media world. You can save time and effort by creating a social media strategy that works for you and your brand.

Social media does not have to be a time-wasting activity. Even picking 15 minutes a day to respond to customers and find relevant accounts to follow can increase your presence. 

Prioritize where you post based on the location of your audience (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or Instagram). Find ways to reuse old content (evergreen) to save time. You should also schedule all your activities around the best times to post on social media to maximize views on your posts and engagement. 

Having a strategy helps you maximize the time you have to get creative with your content. A strategy will ensure your team is on the same page and that nothing is falling through the cracks. 

Are You Ready to Make Your Social Media More Effective?

Hopefully, this article has helped you think more about your social media presence and whether you are effectively promoting your brand online. Remember, the most important parts of social media are being consistent with your strategy and creating content. While this is a good start to increase your social media presence, if you decide you need more help with branding, marketing, or social media, Bright Pink Agency is always here to help.