Marketing Zero

The step before Step 1: Your marketing plan, created as a result of a one-on-one workshop with our CEO and brand strategist.

Cost: $1,800


  • a thorough brand analysis
  • defining your brand personality
  • a complete plan of action

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From Zero to Hero

If you think you’ve got it all figured out…
(But then you wouldn’t be here, would you?)
We help brands implement their marketing plan.

The Brand Identity Package

From $2,450


  • logo (re)design
  • business card design
  • email signature template
  • letterhead template (electronic & printable)
  • social media branding templates (covers & profile)

Our logo design process

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Web Design

These are in-general, ballpark prices. We estimate pricing for a website after we determine each client’s specific needs (such as during Marketing Zero).

The One-Pager

From $3,600


  • Entry-level single-page website
  • Responsive
  • No content management system (CMS)
  • Single long-scrolling page to include all your information
  • Suitable for solopreneurs just starting their consulting business

Examples of single-page websites

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Small Service Website

From $10,500


  • Entry-level or redesign an existing website
  • Suitable for most service provider businesses
  • Responsive
  • WordPress platform for scalability & ease of update
  • Typically around 10 pages

Examples of small service websites

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Medium Service Website

From $13,300


  • Most often a redesign of an older website
  • Service provider businesses with complex services
  • Responsive
  • WordPress
  • Around 20 pages

Examples of medium service websites

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Other Website Solutions

Price upon request

  • Landing pages
  • E-commerce / Shopping Cart
  • Large websites
  • Web applications
  • Multi-site websites
  • Intranets

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Social Media Marketing

  • Custom social media strategic plan for small/medium businesses: from $1,250
  • Ongoing social media management: starting from $750/mo

Social Reviews

  • Monthly fee for our easy to use review solicitation system: $30/mo

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