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A child in an orange swimsuit swimming on their back in some water.
Water Smart Broward

At Bright Pink Agency, we believe in the importance of supporting community-driven organizations like Water Smart Broward that prioritize the safety and well-being of our children. As a non-profit organization, Water Smart Broward has made it its mission to protect children from drowning fatalities and aquatic-related disabilities by promoting safer behaviors and providing community-wide education throughout Broward County.

The organization’s efforts are crucial, considering the current statistics on drowning fatalities in South Florida. The number of drowning deaths among children in South Florida is alarmingly high, with a disproportionate number of these incidents occurring in low-income neighborhoods. Water Smart Broward recognizes the urgency of the situation and is committed to ending the senseless deaths of children due to drowning.

Water Smart Broward’s approach to achieving its goal is centered on community-wide education and promoting safer behaviors. Their team employs various methods of education, including community outreach programs, workshops, and public awareness campaigns. Through these initiatives, they strive to empower families and caregivers to recognize the vital importance of water safety and take proactive steps to mitigate any potential risks.

As a company committed to making an impact in our local community, we are proud to support Water Smart Broward’s vital mission to reduce the drowning rate to zero. To find out more about their mission and how you can become a partner, visit the Water Smart Broward website.

A swim instructor showing a child in blue swim attire how to swim on their back.
The McGovern Foundation

At the heart of the McGovern Foundation lies a steadfast commitment to raising awareness about the issue of drowning, which continues to pose a significant risk to individuals, especially in communities with easy access to water. This local non-profit organization has made it its mission to educate our community on the importance of drowning prevention and safety measures, thus striving to prevent drowning incidents and fatalities.

One of the key ways the McGovern Foundation fulfills its mission is by offering lifeguard scholarships to individuals passionate about ensuring the safety of swimmers. These scholarships provide young, aspiring lifeguards with the necessary training and support they need to learn critical rescue skills, CPR, and other skills essential for safety in aquatic environments. The Foundation’s commitment to raising awareness also extends to presentations made to community members, which equip people with important knowledge and skills to help them avoid potentially dangerous situations near water bodies.

In addition, the Foundation provides water safety kits to community members, serving as a helpful resource for families and individuals who may not have access to the tools necessary for safety, such as flotation devices. These kits provide essential resources that enable community members to take an active role in their safety while near the water. Visit their website to see the important work they do to prevent tragedies from occurring in our community.

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