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I’m excited to share that the long-awaited Bright Reviews 2.0 is finally available! It not only looks better, but it’s full of great new features – such as the analytical dashboard, the editor’s preview, and the integrated Facebook and Google reviews.

TL;DR: A quick-start guide will give you a tour of the app as soon as you log in (only on a desktop browser for now; we’ll post a video tour for mobile soon.)

Without further ado, let’s explore what’s new.

New Domain: BrightReviews.app

If you noticed a new URL in the address bar, that’s because we moved everything onto our new domain, BrightReviews.app. We’ve also consolidated all the different installations here. So whether you’re part of one of the franchise networks we serve, or you’re a standalone business, you’ll access the application the same way.

If you use a bookmark to get to the app – no worries, you’ll be redirected to the correct login form.

Go ahead an log in so you can follow along: BrightReviews.app

New Dashboard: Everything at a Glance

You’ll notice the entire experience is new – new navigation, new layout. But most importantly, you’ll notice the new dashboard as soon as you log in. It now includes a brief report on recent activity (new and recent reviews). It also shows statistics about the health of your account, requests sent vs. reviews received, and your latest reviews from both Facebook and Google. We import these directly into your dashboard.

Review management dashboard
The new Bright Reviews dashboard

If your dashboard doesn’t look like that, it’s because you need to enable the connections to Facebook and Google. This authorizes our application to retrieve your reviews from these third party services and display them directly in Bright Reviews, so you can check everything in one place.

The Activity Tab

You can now monitor more closely what’s happening in your account. It’s easy to see when a review was sent, who hit the Thumbs-up and who clicked on your Google link. The Activity Summary makes it easy to see at a glance the overall health of your review account. You’ll be able to tell when requests go out but customers don’t respond (so you can adjust your request strategy). And you can spot at a glance how many of your clients click on Thumbs-up or Thumbs-down.

what happens after you send a review request

Requesting Reviews: Get a Real-Time Preview

It is now easier than ever to compose your message to your customer and to see what they will be receiving in their inbox or as a text message. As you type your message, the preview on the right side updates to show you how your message will look.

Composing a review request with Bright Reviews
Preview your Review Request

If you plan to send your review request as a text message, keep in mind that different cell service carriers have different limitations. Some limit the number of characters they accept in a single text message. Your message will still go through, but it will be split into several text messages. To avoid this, keep your message brief, or choose the email delivery method.

Request a review via text message with Bright Reviews.
Mobile Preview

Widget: Embed Your Best Reviews in Your Website

This feature has been available to some of our franchise network clients, but now it’s available to everyone. It allows you to generate a bit of code that, when added to your website, displays your best reviews (only 4- and 5-star reviews and “recommendations” will get posted). This is a great way to freshen up your reviews section on your website with zero effort. After you set it up once, the widget does the job of pulling new reviews when they happen.

Note that Google will only display your top 5 most relevant (and positive) reviews, but that is generally enough to persuade potential customer.

Generate Your Widget Code

If you don’t know how to add the reviews to your website, please email us and we’ll hook you up.

Now go ahead and send a review request! Because the more requests you send, the better the chances you will receive more stellar reviews.

We hope you love the new version of Bright Reviews as much as we do! And thanks for being our customer; we truly appreciate it.
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