The Single Page Website: a Practical Business Solution

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Sometimes, less is more. Not every business needs a full-fledged website with three-tier navigation, a blog, and a five-page “About Us” section. When your business relies more on reputation than SEO, when the budget doesn’t fit your ambitions, or when time is short, you simply have to get that website launched ASAP… Then a single page website might just be the answer. 

This article showcases several single page websites that our Bright Pink Agency web design and development team created. You will also learn whether a single page website is right for your company.

What exactly is a single page website?

A single page website, aka a one-page website, is exactly what the name says: a website with only one page. The homepage is the only page. Because sometimes, that’s all it takes to include all the basic content that a website should include. 

But what better way to explain it than with examples from our own portfolio? 

Example 1: Consolidated Parking Equipment

This Miami contractor needed a modern web presence that they would be proud of when submitting million-dollar proposals to their various clients in Miami-Dade and Broward County. Their previous website (which we developed back in 2009!) was a multi-page website, not responsive, and – surprise! – looked very dated.

However, because their website needed to be nothing more than a credibility checkpoint, the client didn’t think it was necessary to invest in a large “vanity” website. A single page website was truly the best solution to showcase their capabilities, past projects, and offer contact information.

Single page website contractor business

Why it works

  • Clean layout that’s easy to scan;
  • Just the right amount of information to not bore the visitor;
  • Content is neatly divided into sections as you would normally expect to find on a business website: services, expertise, products, projects, and contact;
  • The navigation makes it easy to skip to any area of interest from anywhere on the website;
  • Beautiful modern design: there’s nothing “small” about this one-page website!

Example 2: Leverage Corporate Strategy

A successful business consultant needs nothing more than a solid reputation to get business rolling his way, right? Wrong! Reputation and networking will get you 95% of the way there… but if you show up at a multi-million dollar deal table wearing a suit you bought in the early ’80s, don’t be surprised if the other attendees exchange confused looks (then pack up and leave). Our client knew that, of course! So he hired us to design and build him a website representing his business as his online business card, resume, and reputation enhancer.

Is he getting loads more business because his website rocks? I wouldn’t bet our corporate strategy on this statement. But, for sure, no one will be turned off when they google his name and come across this streamlined single page website. His consulting company presents itself as it is: confident, knowledgeable, experienced, and trustworthy. No need to hesitate before picking up the phone. Leverage Corporate Strategy, a business consulting firm based in Coral Springs, Florida, trusted that a well-done one-page website is better than an artificially enhanced (read: fluffy) one. 

“Bright Pink Agency proposed revisions to our logo and website layout that were materially different than what we had previously. Their innovative design, prompt responsiveness, and proactive recommendations collectively contributed to our expectations being exceeded. We would retain the firm again and recommend their services without hesitation.” 

Gil Sternbach, CEO of Leverage Corporate Strategy
Leverage Corporate Strategy one page website

Why it works

  • Well-planned structure: a single page website can easily become a mess when it shows large amounts of text; however, with careful planning and great attention to the user experience, we kept the website easy to scan.
  • Simple but bold color palette: blue is corporate, but electric blue is daring; red accents highlight calls-to-action and guide the eye with intention.
  • Sticky navigation: when you have such a long scrolling one-page website, you have to be able to navigate the sections without scrolling all the way up. The sticky menu solves this problem. 

Example 3: Romy Computer Services

When you are so good at what you do that you forget you have a website because customers are happy to refer you to others… And if you’re that busy serving your customers, you forget how that website was thrown together sometime before Amazon had a website. That is, of course, a great problem to have. Until one day, when you realize that it’s gotten late (2017) and it may be time for a redesign. (Want to see the before and after?)

Romy Computer Services is a family business based in Coral Springs, Florida. It’s not a fancy corporation with dozens of employees and impressive adjectives in their “mission, vision, and company manifesto” section. Therefore, a single page website was the perfect solution for setting them up with a modern, easy-to-use, easy-to-understand website.

Romy Single Page Website

“I am a computer and networking IT professional in business since 1992. I created my first website ( in 1998 using Windows Notepad to program it. It was one of my greatest accomplishments as I am MOST definitely NOT a programmer! I have not changed this website, aside from minor changes, in 20 years. Madalina was 100% instrumental in convincing me that it was time to update the site, make it Google compliant and user friendly for mobile devices, and freshen my image. I initially resisted, but finally plunged in. She and her team did an EXCELLENT job in the redesign of my site. It is fresh, says in 1 page what I was trying to say in 4, and is both visually attractive and will not be ignored by Google.”

Marshall Kass, Romy Computer Services

Why it works

  • All the essentials, none of the fluff. Marshall’s single page website answers a customer’s most burning questions right off the bat: where are you located, what’s your availability, how do I reach you? And, of course, who are you?
  • Credibility checkpoints. The website shows testimonials, certifications, expertise, local “best in business” awards. 
  • Practical and useful. More than just an “online business card”, the website also includes links to downloads and access point that Marshall often sends his clients to, as well as a “pay my bill” link. 

More Examples of Single Page Websites

We had the pleasure of working with an amazing local South Florida boutique law firm to rework their website. Trinkler Law offers affordable and knowledgeable legal representation in residential and commercial real estate transactions. To help them establish a stronger online presence, we designed and developed a new website that showcases their expertise and services. The result is a modern, user-friendly website that assures both clients and potential clients that the Trinkler team has the experience and know-how they can trust.

We implemented new website with a clean, polished look for a local Florida attorney-owned and family-operated title insurance agency in 2022. They needed a refresh to modernize and streamline their content, so we designed and developed an attractive single page website that fits their needs and their budget. 

In 2021, we had the pleasure of reimagining the design, development, and functionality of a local family-owned independent insurance agency’s single page site. It is not only visually appealing, but also easy to navigate, making it the perfect online presence for this long-standing local business.

We helped the attorneys and staff at The Koretsky Law Firm, a South Florida personal injury law firm, with the design and development of their new single page website. The result is a stylish, professional and informative representation of their content, showcasing their services.

Should You Get a Single Page Website?

A single page website might be the right choice for you when:

You don’t have a lot of content.

Sometimes, you might just need a simple web presence and don’t have much text, images, or other content to share. Rather than wait until you magically find the time to produce all that “ideal” content, you might as well get rolling with what you’ve got.

You’ve got big dreams on a shoestring budget.

We get it, it’s smart business to try and get the best price for the most value. But sometimes, the reality is that a complex 20-page website simply isn’t in the books when your budget is better spent elsewhere. But, while you’re working hard to grow your business, you still need a website. So you might as well get a single page website!

You’re in a hurry.

If the tradeshow or that big presentation is coming up and you’re scrambling to get your startup in shape on time, then you simply might not have the time for a full-fledged website that might take months to put together the right way. A single page website might be just what you need to have a decent web presence. Because done is better than perfect. 

You sell a single service.

Then why complicate things? You might be able to say in a single page website what others are trying to split among several pages.

You just need a “credibility website”

…and don’t rely on SEO or digital marketing in your business. Then your marketing dollars might be better spent elsewhere. A single page website is the most cost-effective solution to get a web presence if you’re not concerned about SEO, content marketing, and other digital marketing strategies.

Ready to Roll?

We can design a single page website for you, just like we did for the clients above. Check out our price list and then give us a call!

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