Unlock the Secrets: 10 Must-Ask Questions about Franchise Web Design

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Thinking about revamping your franchise website? Well, don’t take another step without getting insider knowledge! To avoid escalating problems down the line, here are ten frequently asked questions about franchise web design that will guide you towards an overhaul that’s both scalable, coherent, and effectively supports your franchisees. From seamless integration with your pre-existing systems to ensuring brand consistency across all locations, you’ll get the nitty-gritty details you need to make your franchise web design a sensational success. Get excited because you’re on the path to excellence! 

Question 1: How do you build a scalable website? Will we need a new website after we add 10, 50, or 100 locations? 

Need a website that grows with you? WordPress Multisite has your back! If you want a website that can handle all your future content, pages, and features without slowing down or ruining the user experience, look no further than WordPress Multisite. This scalable platform lets multiple sites and subdomains share the same WordPress installation while still maintaining their unique content and customizations. So whenever you need to add new locations or franchisees, you can create new sites within WordPress Multisite instead of starting from scratch. Say goodbye to all that extra work, and hello to effortless scalability!

In addition to using a scalable platform like WordPress Multisite, you need a server that can handle your website’s size as it grows. Make sure there’s enough space for all your files and plenty of bandwidth to accommodate the increased traffic of having more locations or franchisees. 

Question 2: Can the new website integrate with our CRM/email marketing/lead capture/etc. system?

Yes, it can! WordPress can be customized to fit your business needs. Plugins for contact forms, social media sharing, and even SEO optimizations are there to enhance your goals. APIs can facilitate integration with other tools and websites. Whether you use a CRM or email marketing software, WordPress has got you covered. No matter the size of your business, it works for you! 

Question 3: How do you ensure the franchise brand and messaging stay consistent across all franchisee websites?

To make a splash on the web and build a brand identity your customers will recognize, there’s a simple yet effective strategy: stick to the template. By using branded templates and controlled editing areas, franchisors can maintain consistency across all franchisee websites. The franchisor controls design and messaging, while franchisees can still input their own content. The result is a powerful and cohesive force in the market that benefits everyone involved. It’s a win-win situation that sets the stage for success.

Question 4: Should the franchise locations have a single page on the main website or their own website? 

Having a single page on the main website is easier, but it’s rarely the better option. A microsite is a regular-sized website within a multisite environment. This approach to franchise web design allows for easy content management and custom tailoring to the unique needs of each franchise location. Corporate content can be strategically placed on some pages, while others can be entirely local-focused: community events, careers, blogs, team profiles, and of course, contact details. This bespoke approach ensures brand message consistency while providing potential customers with the specific information they need about the franchise location they’re interested in. 

Question 5: Do you recommend including franchisees during the design and development process?

Get the franchisees involved to some extent! Establish a committee of enthusiastic franchisees who want to participate in the franchise web design process. Not only does this make them feel valued and heard, but it also helps you learn about their expectations. Moreover, involving franchisees gives you more buy-in for the new website. While you don’t need to include them at every stage of the franchise web design, receiving valuable feedback during the planning stage and right before the launch (when it’s time to add and verify content) can make all the difference. With franchisee involvement, you can create a website that meets the franchisor’s and franchisees’ needs. Everybody’s happy!

Question 6: What is your process like?

As the saying goes, the devil is in the details! There’s no doubt that building a franchise website can be overwhelming. Defining goals and expectations, auditing the SEO value, creating a sitemap, designing a template, content planning, development, migration, and post-launch auditing must all be considered when developing your site. It all starts with being aware of the steps from start to finish. Set up a timeline for the project and ensure that everyone knows their roles and responsibilities. With a clear plan in place, you’ll crush this project on time and within budget!

Question 7: What does the timeline look like? 

To make the launch successful, you need to clearly understand the timeline and the steps involved in the franchise web design process. That’s why planning is crucial! But it’s not just about knowing when things will happen; it’s about being strategic. For example, you could take advantage of low or high seasons or schedule the launch around a conference to maximize the impact. Pro tip: knowing when deliverables are ready for review and scheduling stakeholders’ availability to give prompt feedback will help ensure a smooth process.

Question 8: Can you share examples and case studies of other successful franchise website redesign projects? 

Ask your marketing firm to provide case studies of other successful franchise website projects. Building a conventional website is easy, but a multisite franchise website can be an undertaking of epic proportions. Working with an experienced franchise marketing team will help you plan, design, and develop a website that spotlights your brand, drives traffic to your franchise owners, and attracts the leads you want to attract. Pay special attention to what makes successful websites stand out from the pack. With this knowledge, you can make informed and inspired decisions about your own franchise website design project. 

Question 9: What happens after the website launch? What happens when I need support? 

Your franchise website is live, and everything is all set! But is it really? The truth is, like any living thing, your website needs maintenance and updates to stay current and safe. This can range from customizing plugins, creating new content, and optimizing for search engines. 

That’s where firms like Bright Pink Agency come in. A franchise web design agency can offer all the support and assistance you need to keep your website performing at its best, no matter how big your franchise grows.

Question 10: Can you support franchise owners with their requests for their website, SEO, etc.?

As a franchisor, having a reliable partner supporting you and your franchisees is essential for your business’s success. In that case, Bright Pink Agency is here! We’re on the ball when it comes to providing support for your franchise web design. From helping franchise owners with their website, SEO, and digital marketing needs, to providing training and support for your internal team, we are committed to being a valuable asset to your franchise business. 

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