Building A Solid Case for Case Studies

We live in a world where a decision is rarely made without at least some internet research, so it’s absolutely vital that your digital footprint leaves a good impression. Nearly 80% of consumers will trust a review they read online as much as a friend’s recommendation. Case studies give you a chance to control some of the content people see when they search your business. Unfortunately, you can’t hide from a bad review that was left based on a misunderstanding or a never-going-to-be-satisfied customer. Case studies are an opportunity to redirect that focus to what’s great about your business, so you can share it with the world.  

What are Marketing Case Studies?

Case studies are common tools in education, health care, psychology, and many other fields. They help examine and analyze specific, well, cases. These cases can involve people, situations, plans, etc. But, what are they in terms of marketing? A case study is a type of content you produce that details specific ways – in both qualitative and quantitative terms – you have helped your customers or your customers have benefited from your service or product. Simply put, they are a way to share what you have done and the impact you have made. 

Though all case studies share a common goal of promoting a business, they can differentiate in the approach and the focus. A case study can cover a specific job, showing all the completed work and the results. Or, a case study can follow an innovative idea that helped improve the way your business did something. A case study can even discuss the revamping of your website or storefront. They are unique to each company that produces one, and the specific goal(s) they hope to accomplish with it.

Why Should You Want to Use Case Studies?

Case studies help consumers by providing valuable information about services, products, and the way your business is run. Because of their usefulness to consumers, they provide innumerable benefits to any company, but let’s just review a few of the big ones.

Case Studies establish your business’ credibility and expertise

It’s a way to brag about what you’ve done, without being obnoxious. In August 2021 we wrote a blog for one of our franchisee clients, detailing restoration work they did for a local Veteran. The blog explained how the insurance company initially denied the homeowner’s claim, but the company reached out to the agent and finally got the claim approved. The homeowner hired them for extra, out-of-pocket work because he was so impressed with the company’s service. The blog spotlighted how the company worked together with the client and the insurance company to provide the best service.

They didn’t just say that their customers are important and they’ll go above and beyond for them, they showed it with a real-life example. The company’s President even noticed their story. He included a shout-out in the weekly email sent to all of the franchises in their network. 

Case Studies provide social proof

Social proof involves our need to do what others are doing. The fact that we check reviews before trying a new restaurant or when we buy a product that was pushed by a certain celebrity are examples of social proof. We don’t like to be told what to do but we do like to see how others live and then make our own decisions.

Case Studies add the human factor to your work

Consumers like to know, or at least feel like they know, a company before they make a purchase or hire their service. Putting a face to your business and showing specifically how you’ve contributed to the community, helps create trust between that community and your business. Unlike paid advertisements or a lot of other marketing tools, case studies showcase your work in a genuine, personal way. Another franchise client of ours sponsored a youth softball team. We wrote a blog for them when their team won the championship. Though it may not show a lot about their specific industry, this blog shows that the company is part of the community, and cares about the people.

Case studies help boost your SEO ranking

The better your SEO (Search Engine Optimization) ranking, the more chance your business has to get noticed on Google. The goal is to be the top search result after the sponsored results. The narrative format of case studies allows you plenty of chances to sprinkle in those keywords that boost your SEO. While many businesses invest a lot of money for a higher SEO, you can also achieve a boost in organic SEO with well-written case studies, whether you write them yourself or work with a freelance writer or agency. Case studies, even in the form of blogs, feature the words that people are Googling and help you stand out in searches.

How Can You Use Case Studies? 

Tailor case studies to fit your individual business and goals. Starting at the end and considering the results you hope to achieve is the best way to decide what you want to focus on and how you want to present the information. Blogs are a simple but great way to present a case study. You can certainly create more comprehensive and research-involved case studies than blogs. But, blogs make case studies less overwhelming for the reader. And they accomplish all the same goals – telling a story and showing how your business is relevant. 

Blogs amplify the voice of your business and allow you to control the narrative. You can also connect with readers on a more personal level. So, share your stories! Great topics include jobs your team excelled at, clients who were gratified with your work, charity events you sponsored, or even company kickball games where the team had a little fun. The point is to broadcast all the great things your business does. Start from the beginning and explain who, where, when, why, and what. Don’t be afraid to add those extra, small details – they only add to the genuineness of your story.

Post the case studies on your company’s website, social media, etc. You can even include them in email correspondence, either sharing the entire study or a snippet from it. Videos are also a great tool. Why not turn a written case study into a video that you can share easily with potential customers? As many as 79% of people have turned to video marketing to learn more about a company. The more that your case studies are out there, the higher the chances that they’ll be noticed by the right people.

Case Closed: Case Studies are Vital Marketing Tools

The advantages of using Case Studies for your business are even more important in this digital world than ever before. They are basically free (or at least inexpensive) advertisements, but with even more benefits. Custom content is what sets your business apart from your competitors. Over 60% of consumers are more likely to buy from a company that provides custom content. Case studies build trust with your community and the people you serve.

The hardest part of case studies is finding the time to put together the information and writing your story. At Bright Pink Agency, our professional writers can do the work for you. Interested in improving your business and adding clients through case studies? Reach out and we’ll schedule a consultation.

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