Margaritas for a Cause: KidSafe Foundation Fundraiser

Children’s safety is something Bright Pink Agency takes very seriously, which is why we co-sponsored Margarita Monday, an event to raise money for KidSafe Foundation. Held on August 16, 2021, at Rocco’s Tacos in Boca Raton, this fundraiser benefited KidSafe, a foundation that helps protect kids from abuse and neglect. We had a great time meeting new people while enjoying some tasty food and supporting a great cause! 

The Bright Pink Agency team with Cherie Benjoseph, Chief Program Officer and cofounder of KidSafe Foundation.

Tickets benefited KidSafe Foundation, whose mission is to teach personal safety to children and their grown-ups and to build strong, resilient families and safer communities. They do this by providing kids and families with the knowledge, skills, and support they need to protect themselves. They have programs for kids across South Florida, including afterschool enrichment classes at local schools. Their counselors also provide individual child therapy services, helping kids overcome trauma together with their parents/caregivers so kids can grow up happy and healthy. 

As we entered the restaurant the day of the event, we were greeted by bright colors and cheerful music as waiters walked around with trays of delicious-looking appetizers. The event featured an onsite raffle, and two of our team members, Zach and Hope, won amazing prizes! Bright Pink Agency loves partnering with local nonprofit organizations and helping our community come together, whether it is working to build you a better website, branding, or supporting fundraising events. 

Zach and Hope with their raffle prizes.

We had a great time seeing old friends as well as meeting new ones at Margarita Monday! We love being able to participate in an event that helps people within our community – it’s just one of the many ways we try to give back! 

kidsafe foundation
Enjoying the event!