From a Spark to a Flame: the Bright Pink Agency

Bright Pink Agency Marketing and Web Design in Coral Springs Florida

Hello, we are the Bright Pink Agency – nice to meet you! We’re not new here, we’ve been around since 2008, as BrightPink Studio.

In my last job before BrightPink Studio, working for a web design agency, I learned many things – but only two were life-changing. One day, my boss told me “When you’ll have your own agency, someday…” I was 24 and had barely lived in the States for a year. I don’t remember the context or what followed. I laughed! – “Yeah right…” But then a small spark lit up in my head.

And then that “someday” arrived a lot sooner than I had expected, when my employer’s company started tanking under the crashing economy of 2008 and I had to make a decision: hope I’ll find another job or create one for myself. With my job cut in half (and hence my pay), and with my boss’s blessing, I started freelancing my graphic design skills.

But not with my own name – I was concerned people couldn’t pronounce it. Instead, I used the name BrightPink Studio. Well, my boss didn’t like that. He said it was silly and why don’t I just use my own name instead. Cue the second life-changing lesson: sometimes you just gotta listen to your gut and do what you think it’s best. And I did. My boss didn’t like that either, so off I went to find myself another boss: me.

Why Bright Pink?

I get asked that a lot. To me, at the time, that meant “smart girl”. Bright=smart and Pink=girl. But it’s not girly pink, it’s bright pink, a bold color with a strong personality that refuses to blend in. I was ready to take a stand on my own and see what comes of it. It was late 2008 and businesses were closing left and right. I didn’t even notice.

And the name served me well, as somehow there was no shortage of work and I never had to worry about keeping the lights on. Ok, I’m sure it wasn’t just the name – good work must have also played a part! It wasn’t long until there was a lot more demand than I could handle on my own. And just like that, what had started as just me designing ads and logos for clients all over South Florida, suddenly became a marketing agency: my sister Jonie joined me as a partner in 2010 and we started expanding our team to be able to serve more clients.

It wasn’t until recently, when we were moving into our beautiful new offices and started working on a new website for our 10-year anniversary, that it hit me: wait a minute – we’re no longer a Studio! Why do we keep calling ourselves a Studio when we haven’t been a studio in 8 years?! We’re a marketing & franchise web design company, with a team of 8 (and counting) and our name no longer suits us. Let’s call Bright Pink what it truly is – an Agency!

Bright Pink Agency office in Coral Springs

So here we are – with a brand new logo too that reflects our journey and our transformation: from a small spark to a full flame.

BrightPink Studio is the Bright Pink Agency

We are the Bright Pink Agency. Still bold and refusing to blend in, on a mission to guide other small businesses on how to light up their marketing and grow like a blaze.

~ Madalina Iordache /President & CEO at the Bright Pink Agency

Madalina Iordache, CFE

By Madalina Iordache, CFE

Madalina Iordache, CFE is the President & CEO of Bright Pink Agency, a purpose-driven, award-winning franchise web design agency. A franchise marketing expert with more than 10 years of experience, Madalina is an engaged member of the International Franchise Association, an Advisory Board member and a guest lecturer on franchise marketing for the Titus Center for Franchising at the Palm Beach Atlantic University, and a known leader in the South Florida business community.