Introducing Franchisor Appreciation Day, a National Campaign Rooted in Gratitude   

Franchisor Appreciation Day

Ask any owner/operator of a small business, and they’ll tell you there’s nothing small in the amount of effort required. From wearing too many hats to heading into uncharted territory, entrepreneurship often feels overwhelming and isolating. Owning a franchise is a great option for entrepreneurs that want to be in business for themselves, but not by themselves. Many franchise owners have built thriving businesses with guidance and support from franchisors. One franchise owner even went so far as to declare September 15 Franchisor Appreciation Day: a day of gratitude towards the men and women in a franchisor’s home office that work tirelessly to help franchise owners succeed. 

Who Is Behind Franchisor Appreciation Day?

This day of appreciation was initiated by PuroClean franchise owner Keegan Trudgen, brought to life by franchise marketing agency Bright Pink Agency, and enthusiastically supported by “The Wealthy Franchisee” author and speaker Scott Greenberg.


Keegan Trudgen, a PuroClean franchise owner with seven locations in three states, was listening to an NPR podcast about how “official” days are created and thought a day of appreciation for franchisors would be one worthy of celebration. Keegan had already been sending lunch to PuroClean’s home office once a year to express gratitude for their support. “Before being a franchisee, I was in several support roles – finance, marketing, etc. I know firsthand how disconnected from the frontline work you can get when you are in a support role, even to the point that it can feel thankless.”

He immediately called Madalina Iordache, the CEO of his long-time marketing partner, Bright Pink Agency (yes, us), to ask how to develop the concept. Madalina enlisted the Bright Pink Agency team to design a nationwide campaign to promote Franchisor Appreciation Day. The initiative picked up momentum when franchising expert Scott Greenberg enthusiastically got behind the idea. A former franchise owner, Scott is an author and speaker who advocates for the relationship between franchisee and franchisor. He was drawn to the campaign because he recognizes franchisors are truly integral to the success of their franchises but understands they tend not to receive acknowledgment for their hard work. In this way, Franchisor Appreciation Day highlights franchisors and all they do for their franchisees.

Who Celebrates Franchisor Appreciation Day?

This observance is celebrated by franchise owners who wish to say “thanks” to their franchisor, and franchise suppliers who work with franchisors and franchisees.


As part of the campaign, we interviewed franchise owners from several national brands on their relationships with their franchisors and how they impact their businesses. 

How has your franchisor helped you on your business journey?

PuroClean of Longwood owner Diego Barros says what he loves about PuroClean is “the support from Headquarters and Corporate. We are a family, not only a company.” Meanwhile, Allison Kast Eichenberg of Signarama finds that her franchisor “encourages franchisees to interact and work with each other.” And Danelle Alex of Goldfish Swim School is proud that “our company’s founders model the behaviors they want to see and are very adamant about their core values.”

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve received from your franchisor?

Chase Vincent of Kitchen Tune-Up recalls, “It’s okay to not be perfect at every aspect of business ownership. If you aren’t good at sales, then hire a salesperson. You shouldn’t be expected to be in every role of your business.” Owl Be There franchise owner K.C. Ryerson, revealed the best piece of advice she received: “One more time, one more thing. Continue to do what you are doing.” Meanwhile, Mike DeFeo of Signarama received simplistic, helpful advice: “Go on more appointments.” 

What is one piece of advice you’d give another franchisee for fostering a great relationship with their franchisor?

Ronald Strainis from Kitchen Tune-Up thinks it is essential to “nurture the relationship between franchisee and franchisor. Communication is key. You need to let them know when you need help, so they are there to do what they need to do to ensure you become successful.” Tracey McCaghy from Goldfish Swim School says, “Don’t hesitate to ask and draw on that support.” And Dolly Holmes of Tailored Living believes both the franchisor and franchisee “need to be transparent” to build trust amongst each other. Finally, Megan Kevane of Goldfish Swim School believes “the advice they give you is to benefit the business. It is tried and true.”

How Can I Observe Franchisor Appreciation Day?

Visit to learn how franchise owners can say “thanks!” to their franchisor. 


The admiration evident in the franchisees’ words make clear that the relationship between franchisee and franchisor is important to cultivate and maintain. You can show appreciation for your franchisor on Franchisor Appreciation Day by sending a meal, a small gift, a note, or a quick phone call to show you are thinking of them. The little things go a long way and make all the difference. We look forward to celebrating Franchisor Appreciation Day for years to come! 

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By Emily Krna

Emily Krna is a copywriter and Red Bull aficionado at Bright Pink Agency. When she’s not rooting for her beloved Florida State Seminoles, she can be found watching reality television shows, reading Nicholas Sparks novels, and traveling.