BOG Products

BOG business card design

We provided web and print design services for sport and bike accessory line, BOG Products

BOG Products believes that gadgets such as bike accessories are a necessity, for safety and for every day use. Their products are simple, reliable and look great. Therefore, it was important for that to be reflected in their design.

BOG Products Brochure Design

Web Design

Their WordPress website with a responsive design makes great use of big, bold imagery. A full e-commerce solution powered by WooCommerce allows a user-friendly shopping experience that is equally easy to manage.

BOG Products Website Web Design

Business Cards

The BOG business cards are simple and a perfect complement to their website. With matching and vibrant colors, this brand is easy to recognize, which is an important aspect of branding.

BOG Products Business Card Design


A tri-fold brochure with a twist: turned horizontally, it serves as a product catalog when mailed in with orders and other customer communications.

BOG Products Brochure Design

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