Our Social Media & Content Marketing Solutions for Franchises Include:

A strategic approach to managing social media for franchises


  • Strategic Content Planning
  • Social Media & Content Assessment
  • Competitive Analysis
The painless way to create content for multi-location businesses


  • Content Writing
  • Content Optimization
  • Creative Services
Daily social media management for franchise businesses


  • Social Media Posting
  • Complete Social Media Management
  • Monitoring & Reporting
Social medial training and support for franchise and multi-location businesses


  • Custom Scheduling Platform
  • Affordable Local Programs for Franchisees
  • Online Reviews
  • Ongoing Franchisee Education

Managing social media for franchise locations or a multi-location business? We get you.

A Different Way to Manage Social Media for Franchises

We built the only social media management platform created for franchises and multi-location businesses.

App to manage social media for franchisesOther Social Media Schedulers
Built for posting on 100s of similar channelsDesigned for posting on up to 50 channels
Meaningfully organize & relabel all your channelsDifficult to manage channels with identical names
Automatically post localized contentMass-schedule identical content on all platforms
Brand library to allow franchisees to easily post their own contentNo similar functionality
Rich libraries to save media, content, hashtags, links & more!“Classic” media & content library
Plan, approve, and schedule, all on the same platform!Plan & approve in another platform, then move content to the scheduler
Specific user roles for corporate, agency, and franchiseesBasic user roles, not suitable for franchising
& so much more

Learn more at Brightfully.app

Affordable Local Programs for Franchisees

  • on-brand content
  • low monthly fee
  • no contract

Small business owners such as your franchisees rarely have the time to manage their own social media channels. Oftentimes, their activity is minimal and typically it consists of reposting corporate content. When they are active on social media, they often stray away from the brand rules, publishing inconsistent content. Therefore, using a corporate-approved partner gives them an affordable option for outsourcing the tedious job of managing social media, and gives corporate the peace of mind that the content is on-brand and compliant.

Our local social media programs for franchisees start at as low as $199/month.

Bright Reviews: Online Reviews for Franchise Networks

  • Designed for busy non-tech-savvy people
  • May be fully automated
  • Displays best reviews on website

We created an online review solicitation platform specifically for franchises and multi-location businesses, that costs considerably less than similar platforms. That’s because it’s not loaded with features that only 10% of users ever use. As a result, franchisees that switched to Bright Reviews enjoy savings of over $100/month. Learn more about Bright Reviews.

Ongoing Franchisee Education

  • Free monthly educational articles for your entire network
  • Regular webinars, workshops, marketing panels
  • Lunch & learn events for new franchisees in training

We strongly believe in helping our clients stay at the top of their social media and content marketing game, whether they are just getting started or are seasoned pros. As a marketing partner to our franchise clients, we are committed to continuously provide educational opportunities for the benefit of your entire network.

What our Clients Say
“I highly recommend working with them. You see the results almost immediately.”
Ricardo Herdan
Multi-unit franchise owner, Aventura and Davie, FL
“Bright Pink checks in periodically to be certain my goals are being met. They make me fell as though I am their most important client. I am extremely pleased with them and the results of their work.”
Steve Crane
Franchise owner in Richmond, VA
“Have been using Bright Pink Agency for approx. 4 months now and have seen an increase in business. They are knowledgeable, experienced and great to work with.”
Mitch Cohen
Franchise owner in Nanuet, NY

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