10 Questions You Should Ask Your Web Designer

10 Questions to Ask Your Web Designer

Whether planning to build a new website or redesign it, choosing the right web designer can be daunting. You need to get acquainted with the project and, most of all, know what the designer can and can’t do. Here are 10 questions to ask a web designer to help you decide if they’re the right fit.

10 Questions to Ask a Web Designer

1. How much time are you going to spend on researching and planning? When starting the project, the design agency should spend several hours researching your business, competitors, and market. The web design process will go smoothly when things like website functionality or content structure are planned beforehand.

2. Do you have marketing experience? Your customers come first, and your designer needs to know they are building the website for them. Based on the initial research, they should use the right verbal and non-verbal cues to influence potential clients.

3. Who is the project manager, and who designs my website? You will probably stay in touch with the design agency for several weeks, so it’s important to know who the key people managing the project are. Usually, there are several people in the project, each with different tasks, such as programming or graphic design. You’re on the right track if you can communicate well with them.

4. What do I need to provide so we can start the project? If you already have a brand and know what content your website should include, communicate your ideas to the web designer. However, if you won’t provide any assets like photos, ask the design agency if they can supply them for you.

5. Will my website be responsive? Mobile devices have surpassed traditional desktop computers in terms of Internet usage. Websites with a responsive design work well on all devices (such as smartphones, tablets, and desktop computers), and this is how you will want your website to be. Most design agencies will make your website responsive, but it’s best to ask them this question to be sure.

6. When will my website be finished? You want to know how long the project will take, but the answer depends on the complexity of your site. Moreover, it also depends on how fast you can supply assets (copy, photos, etc.) if you plan to do this. Another factor is how fast you can make decisions based on the suggestions of the design team.

7. Will you register my domain name and hosting account in my name? Most design companies will register your domain in your own name, but you need to make this clear in the preliminary stages of the project. You can also register a domain name yourself and give the details to the agency. A good design agency will provide you with multiple domain registration and hosting options that suit the needs of your website.

8. What happens if I don’t like the initial design? Before discussing a plan, you should see and like the design agency’s work. However, you might not be happy with the initial design draft of your website. In this case, the design agency will offer unlimited changes until you are content or request payment for the extra work. Discuss this beforehand, so you know what to expect.

9. How can I change or add content to the site in the future? Usually, the design agency will build your website on a Content Management System (CMS), such as WordPress. A CMS allows you to easily change your website, such as updating content, adding new products or pages, etc. Sometimes, your site won’t be based on a CMS, and you will rely on the agency to make changes.

10. Do you offer training for updating my site? In case your website is based on a Content Management System (CMS), and you are not experienced with using it, ask the design team if they can provide training. Although a CMS is simple to use, the design agency should train you in managing it.

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While all these questions to ask a web designer are important, you might as yourself: how much will it cost? The answer depends on the size of the website and all the included features. Expect to pay around $5,000 for a small business website and more for online stores or complex websites.

All in all, try not to rush into hiring a web design agency. Ask them all possible questions, look for reviews and referrals, and research the web design market before making your decision.

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