10 Effective Tips to Boost Your Landing Page Conversion Rate

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Your landing page is a critical part of your digital marketing campaign. When done right, a landing page can be the driving force behind your sales and company revenue. Yet, creating a landing page that converts is not an easy task. Though the formula for successful landing page conversion isn’t well-defined, here are some strategies to make your landing page shine:

1. Optimize for mobile

If you didn’t know by now, more people visit the web from a mobile device than from desktop computers. This means that your landing page must be optimized for mobile. The way you do that is to have your page adjust to the size of the screen (responsive). Make sure however that all page elements are clearly visible on mobile without zooming in.

2. Simplify your headline

The first thing your visitors see when clicking on your landing page is your headline. If visitors aren’t compelled by your headline, they’ll most likely close your page. There isn’t a clear-cut formula for writing headlines, but you should make them clear, relevant, and relatable. Write an irresistible hook that states exactly what your offer is.

3. Focus on a single offer

Many landing pages provide multiple offers, and this confuses prospects. The whole point of a landing page is to convince visitors that your product/service is worthwhile. If there are multiple offers, users may lose sight of the one product/service they want. Focus on the benefits of a single offer to make it more powerful.

4. Create a killer CTA

CTAs (calls to action) are the most important features of a landing page because they literally turn visitors into leads. Thus, how you create it is extremely important. Make sure it stands out from the rest of the page – use a color that contrasts the color in the background, make the button large but not too large, and write copy that focuses on the benefits. Use imperative language that entices visitors to take action.

5. Write persuasive copy

While you should keep your copy at the bare minimum, it’s important to make every sentence matter. Make sure you emphasize every benefit of your offer rather than describing it blankly. When you write your first sentence, ask yourself this: does it compel visitors to read on? Also, make sure your copy is cohesive from start to finish and is free of jargon.

6. Use attention-grabbing imagery

Content is important, and so are images. Use images that stand out to grab users’ attention quickly. Your header image as well as secondary images used throughout the page should be in sync with your content. For example, you can go with images of your products or smiling faces that make people comfortable with your offer.

7. Provide an explainer video

Videos speak louder than images. If you have the means, craft a professional explainer video and add it to your landing page. Like your copy, your video should state the benefits of your offer in a clear and logical manner. Keep it short – around 2 minutes should be enough to compel visitors with your offer.

8. Include testimonials

Most people are influenced by others’ opinions when making a purchase. Thus, testimonials could make your brand seem more trustworthy and valuable. If you don’t have any testimonials to showcase, politely ask your past customers what they thought about your products/services. Social media is a great way to get such reviews. Learn more about the importance of reviews for small businesses.

9. Improve loading times

Consider this: how often do you have the patience to wait for a slow page to load? It’s essential that your page loads in just a few seconds to keep prospects interested. In the end, you want visitors to feel comfortable browsing your landing page. Faster load time contributes to a better user experience. Here’s a bonus tip: Google provides a free tool for page speed optimization.

10. Provide more contact info

Your CTA is your main way to reach users. However, they can’t reach you directly via only the CTA. People feel more comfortable when a company provides thorough contact information such as phone number, email address, and physical address. An alternative contact option is a live chat – it provides a quick way for prospects to talk with you when they want answers.

Test, test, test…

Although there’s no universal recipe for an effective landing page, these strategies can help you boost your landing page conversion rate. It’s important that you split-test your page and measure results to see what works best with your audience. If your conversion rate is stale, try mixing things up. Change your headline, images, CTA design, how you approach your offer, and so on.

Looking for more tips to enhance your website? Here’s a list of essential features for small business websites. And if you’re looking for web design and development services for your business, we’re here to help — even if it’s a franchise! Give us a call or email us today!

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