Look Back to Look Forward: Your Marketing Checklist Essentials for the New Year

Your Marketing Checklist for the New Year

The possibilities 2024 holds are endless! However, before you focus full steam ahead and concentrate on your new goals, it’s wise to take some time to reflect on your accomplishments. Marketing constantly evolves, bringing along new tools and initiatives along the way. What were you able to achieve in 2023? What are some of the things you hope to change for the new year? Before jumping into new projects that drive you forward, think back on some of the basic components that make your business what it is with our marketing checklist. 

Your Marketing Essentials Checklist

  1. Check your website. Try looking at each page from a new visitor’s perspective. What captures your attention at first sight? What aspects could use a refresh? Conducting user testing can offer insights into what needs to be tweaked. 
  2. Google your company name. Are you happy with what you see? If not, evaluate what you can do to change it. 
  3. Revamp your Google Business Profile. Are your photos recent? Is your information up to date? Your information on it should be current. 
  4. When was the last time you received a Google review? How many Google reviews do you have compared with your competitors? Make sure the feedback you’re receiving is positive. If they’re not so stellar, think of ways to improve them. 
  5. Audit your social media profiles. Even if you post regularly, look at your cover and profile photos. Replace any outdated images with newer ones. 
  6. Invite your connections to follow your profiles. This is particularly useful on LinkedIn and Facebook. They can come in handy for future networking opportunities. 
  7. Update your mailing list. Even if you send email campaigns regularly, it won’t hurt to do some audience maintenance. Archive subscribers that haven’t opened your emails. 
  8. Audit your pitch deck, company brochure, proposal template, and training videos. Now’s a great time to redefine your business’s branding! Customize the templates for each opportunity. 
  9. Audit your email signature, voicemail greeting, business card, and your personal social media accounts. Ring in the new year with a revitalized image you want others to see! 
  10. Evaluate this year’s strategy. What worked particularly well in your marketing efforts? How can you amplify that next year? 
  11. Look ahead. Think of it as a chess game. It’s all about strategy! Map your calendar for the year (or at least the first quarter) and plan your marketing moves accordingly. 
  12. Organize your 2024 year in review now. It’s never too soon to start! Compile the moments that resonated with your business. By December, you’ll have everything—or close to it—all set! 
  13. Don’t do it alone! Marketing is a team sport. If you‘re a business owner, pass the marketing baton to someone else so you can focus on other urgent tasks, like managing your business consistently.

Good first impressions are the deciding factor in meeting people and marketing! Ensure yours is memorable and professional in 2024. Now’s the perfect time to step back and review the basics that have become second nature over time. They may be routine, but they’ll contribute to how others perceive your brand.

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By Aline Larson

Creative and cosmopolitan, Aline Larson is the copy editor at Bright Pink Agency. An ardent bibliophile and cinephile, Aline is passionate about writing, reading, and films. You can find her devouring a book, watching TCM, or cheering on the Miami Heat when she's not editing grammar.