Franchising Insights: Takeaways From FCXC

Franchising Leaders at FCXC

Where franchising goes, we follow! Recently, our President and CEO, Madalina Iordache, and Director of Business Development, Matthew Cancino, attended the Franchise Customer Experience Conference (FCXC) in Atlanta, Georgia. The two and a half days-long event brought together franchise professionals, representing both franchisors and franchise suppliers, who shared invaluable insights into franchising marketing and operations. 

While there were plenty of learning opportunities during panel discussions, roundtable sessions, and fireside chats, we wanted to share highlights from the two keynote speakers, Shawn Kanungo and Jay Baer. Here are a few of the takeaways that resonated with us.

Madalina Iordache and Matthew Cancino at FCXC.

Be Bold

First up on our list is Shawn Kanungo. He is an acclaimed strategist who guides organizations and executives on groundbreaking trends while engaging in proactive investments in emerging ventures. Some of the highlights from his talk included:

  1. Waste more. In this case, waste is a good thing! There’s only one you, so make your interactions one-of-a-kind. In a digital world, leveraging highly personalized touches can make a significant difference. By going beyond standard practices and investing in customized experiences, franchises can create meaningful connections with their customers. They’ll walk away with something they’ll truly remember. 
  2. Get fired up. Who wants a stagnant, out-of-touch experience? We didn’t think so! The ability to be daring and innovative is the fuel in the franchising vehicle. Complacency gets you nowhere fast! Pushing the boundaries of creativity and embracing a mindset of constant improvement is vital in an ever-evolving business model like franchising.
  3. Choose boldness. Knowledge can only take you so far! When you couple it with a dash of fearlessness and a willingness to take risks, breakthroughs can happen. Kanungo emphasized the value of being courageous in decision-making and embracing change with open arms—something we at Bright Pink Agency definitely agree with! 

Be Fast

Another captivating keynote speaker, Jay Baer, emphasized the significance of prompt response in nurturing customer relationships. Here are two key takeaways from his session:

  1. Expectations matter. The uncertainty gapis the difference between what you know about your operations and what the customer knows. When it comes to franchising, it’s better to close it than to leave it open. By ensuring customers know exactly what to expect, franchises can build trust and enhance customer satisfaction—an overall win-win! 
  2. Make like Goldilocks when it comes to timing. Too quick to reply to a customer may come across as too eager. Waiting too long to contact a customer may seem like you don’t care. It’s all about finding the right timing and balance! Timing should align with the context, allowing for a timely response that doesn’t feel rushed or delayed.
  3. Fast, faster, fastest. Variety is the spice of life, as the saying goes. People love options and will usually pay up for a faster one. Think about it: if you’re at a theme park and can spend less time in line by purchasing a ticket that cuts the waiting, you’d go for it, right? The faster something is, the more people will go for it. A perceived value is always a lucrative deal!

After a week of inspiring talks, one thing was certain: embracing change and making bold decisions is essential for any successful business. In franchising, you must be courageous when making decisions and ensure customers’ expectations receive timely, thoughtful responses. When these steps are taken, your franchise can leverage the latest tools and technologies while continuing to grow relationships with customers.

Matthew Cancino, Shawn Kanungo, and Madalina Iordache at FCXC.

We loved every minute we spent at FCXC! The insights we took home with us have already proven to be valuable. We learned about the latest marketing and operations endeavors, discovering new strategies to help our clients thrive in an evolving franchising landscape. From the power of personalized experiences to the significance of prompt responses, we learned that the key to success lies in embracing boldness, building strong relationships, and constantly innovating. When you think about it, we can apply them in our marketing and lives! We’re excited to witness our franchise clients’ continued growth and success! 

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