Educating Franchisors About the Importance of Content Marketing in Franchise Sales at PBAU

Palm Beach Atlantic University held its Selling Franchises Bootcamp

Palm Beach Atlantic University held its fifth-annual Selling Franchises Bootcamp sponsored by Titus Center for Franchising, January 19-20. Bright Pink Agency president and CEO, Madalina Iordache, spoke on one of the featured panels. Having worked closely with franchise brands for over 10 years, creating successful growth strategies for both franchisors and franchisees, she’s always willing to share her knowledge and experience to help others.

Selling Franchises Bootcamp
Selling Franchises Bootcamp panelists included Taylor Gregory of United Franchise Group, Madalina Iordache, of Bright Pink Agency, and Marci Kleinsasser, CFE, of Home Franchise Concepts, and was moderated by Robin Gagnon, MBA, CFE, CBI of We Sell Restaurants, LLC.

A Well-Rounded Panel

Robin Gagnon, MBA, CFE, CBI of We Sell Restaurants, LLC, moderated the panel. Co-panelists Marci Kleinsasser, CFE, and Taylor Gregory rounded out the accomplished group. They covered a range of important franchise marketing and sales marketing topics. Brand awareness and lead generation, nurturing, and conversion was top of mind. Also, they discussed the numerous opportunities to leverage content at every step of your sales funnel. 

Providing quality content that speaks to the right audiences and how crucial it is, was a main thread. Tips included leveraging digital platforms, including social media, blogs, and websites to reach new potential franchise candidates or clients and to continue building rapport with existing connections. Creating compelling visuals that help capture attention, such as videos or infographics, and ways to incorporate SEO techniques are equally important to ensure content reaches its intended audience more efficiently.  

Afterward, Madalina summed it all up, explaining, “Future franchisees want to see the stories of [a brand’s] current successful franchisees. They want to read about their team. They want to see videos and read stories. They’re looking for Frequently Asked Questions.” 

While talking about how content marketing contributes greatly to franchise sales, the discussion inevitably touched on the tools available to help automate and streamline parts of the franchise marketing process such as Jasper, Chat GPT, SEM Rush, Surfer SEO, and HotJar, and there are many more tools out there to help create and improve engaging content, quickly and effectively.

The Importance of Content Marketing in Franchise Sales at PBAU
Selling Franchises Bootcamp 2023 Attendees learned about franchise marketing from the diverse panel.

Selling Franchises Bootcamp 2023 was a success

Overall, Selling Franchises Bootcamp was a wonderfully informative event that showcased the experience and know-how of some of the brightest minds and most passionate leaders in franchising. It was exciting to be a part of it! The next Bootcamp is already being planned for January 18-19, 2024.

At Bright Pink Agency, we love helping our clients tell their stories. We live and breathe content marketing. If you don’t have a content marketing strategy – let’s talk!