About Us

If you’re looking for a reliable marketing agency, a partner that can help you figure out what solutions you need and set up those solutions so you can sit back and… do your job, what you do best, without worrying about your marketing… Well, then you came to the [b]right place.

We could go on and on about how brilliant our people are and how we are – of course – the best… But then we’d be just like the other guys.

We’re going to tell you first what we’re not:

  • We’re not pixel-pushers. If you know “exactly” what you want and just need someone to make it in Photoshop for you, then we’re not a good fit. A student or freelancer might be a better option.
  • We’re not in for a one-off. If you just need a single ad, a flyer or another small project and we don’t know each other yet… we’re probably not a good fit; one-offs are rarely effective, even when they turn out looking great.
  • We’re not afraid to tell you when you’re wrong. We know that you’d expect nothing less from your chosen marketing agency.
  • We’re not ok with time-wasting. We get it, we’re all busy; we work hard to meet deadlines, so we expect our clients to give us their feedback and input according to the schedule established from the beginning.

So what are we? A team of creatives on a mission to save small business owners from bad marketing.

Our Mission

To be a wealth advisor for your marketing dollars: we’ll show you the right places to invest your budget so that your business will thrive.
Madalina-Iordache Bright Pink Agency
Madalina Iordache
President & CEO, Chief Strategist
Jonie Iordache Bright Pink Agency
Jonie Iordache
VP of Technology, Web Alchemist
Angi Bright Pink Agency
Angi Gatica
Project Manager, Chaos Coordinator
George Bright Pink Agency
George Rotaru
Senior Graphic Designer, Adobe Warlock
Octav Bright Pink Agency
Octav Fedor
Social Media Manager, Master Wordsmith
Oana Bright Pink Agency
Oana Chiriac
Web Developer, Programmer at Arms