Zee & Zoey: The Journey Continues

For those of you who remember the story from its beginnings, this colorful chronicle started a while ago, with the launch of the Zee & Zoey’s Chronicle Connection blog.

And now, this journey of the extraordinarily ordinary goes on, integrating the blog in a beautiful website, placing this amazing story in a surreal garden of magic, creating the perfect scene for the reigning couple – Zee and Zoey.

After putting our magic wand to work in the creation of the perfect blog page for this captivating story, continuing with the website was no less of a challenge… after all, matching the extraordinary catitude of these felines is not an east task to complete.

Wrapped in the fairytale design, this website is a place where vivid emotions and whimsical imagery will lure you in a surreal world, where the ordinary fades away into a playful, magical scene, and even non- cat lovers will simply feel bewitched.

Opening with lush scenery, the main page guides you, at the first glance, into this dreamlike universe, where with every step you discover new and unpredictable wonders, making you a part of this wonderful journey.

Being a central part of the whole project, the book – based on the adventures of these lovely felines – has, as expected, its dedicated page, where you can find some witty insights, inspirational reviews and even a trailer about the story behind this skillfully written book.

What’s also important about this website is that it offers the opportunity of ordering the book online, with a touch of a button, making everything possible in 3 easy steps.

Balancing the sophisticated surreal design, the website’s structure is rather simple and minimalistic, offering an easy browsing experience for the users, making it incredibly simple to access all the content within.

The website integrates some essential parts from the blog, and what’s most important, the WordPress CMS, actively using the platforms’ databases to ease the updating process.

Keeping the design in the same adventurous and playful atmosphere, each page on the website is transposing different scenes from the book, enriching the overall dreamlike layout with vivid illustrations.

And as expected, the website offers a chic, customized contact form, allowing its users to keep in touch with the author and her humorous furry characters, helping this way to create a much stronger connection.

But since nothing we could say here about this beautiful website or the book would totally do them justice, why don’t you take some time to explore it by yourself, daring to embrace the ordinary in your life and making it extraordinary, and watch the story come to life in front of your eyes.

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