Third Year, And Still Counting… Happy Birthday, BrightPink Studio!

In business, just like in real life, each year that passes helps you define your identity, being yet another step towards the future… And after three fulfilling and amazing years, from where we stand, the future looks incredibly Bright (Pink).

So with this special day, it gives us great pleasure to see our portfolio enriching with yet another fruitful year of daring projects and amazing make-overs… a year that gave us the opportunity to challenge ourselves and to prove our professionalism once again, perfecting our many skills in this changing art of webdesign and standing up for who we are,offering limitless inspiration and putting no boundaries to what we can do for our clients.

And it’s only fair to mention the great consideration we have for all the wonderful and very talented people behind the sparkles at BrightPink Studio, who always spent with passion and dedication every little moment (and everything else normal people usually refer to as free time), making the most of their incredible work and transforming each project into a small piece of art.

But we wouldn’t be where we are without the support of our beloved friends, who’s friendship we value so much, and of course, without the trust and patience of our clients, who’s projects are taking all our time (and mostly, all of our weekends and energy).

So thank you all for being a part of this wonderful year!

And as we all know, birthdays are all about celebrating with your dearest friends as you get older… but since older doesn’t have to mean old-fashioned, we thought our design might need some sparkles… so we revamped our blog web page (as a most expected birthday gift), giving it a more stylish and distinct look… something to represent in a more accurate way our image. So here it is.

Bright Pink Agency logo

By Bright Pink Agency

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