The September Pinkletter

This month – beware, the monsters are out to get you and they might plan a funeral for you and bring your black-berry-est nightmares to life. Is there no knight in shiny armor to save you?

So after an Instant look, choose your favorite gadgets and start taking advantage of all the “white space” you can get, so you can tweet and enjoy the vendetta.

1. Mashable: Why Designers and Developers Should Care About IE 9

Trying to save some of the Microsoft’s lost glory, Internet Explorer 9 is right on time to let the old browser retire in peace. And this time it claims to be the knight in shiny armor they’ve all been waiting for.

2. The New York Times: A Look at the New Twitter

If you were to find the gold fish, what would you ask? Since we’re not all that lucky to get it, we bet it’s the new Twitter interface. And it’s not just a pretty face,  it comes with exciting new features. Beware, Facebook!

3. PCWorld: The 17 Most Dangerous Places on the Web

From the land of unicorns and fairies to the evil witches’ forest, when you open your browser, the monsters are out to get you. And since there’s no one to save you, it’s best to know when to stay away.

4. TechRepublic: Ready to ditch paper? Here are the top 10 e-readers

Pretending you want to save trees, have you been thinking about buying an e-book reader? We found the best of them, you’ll just have to decide which one is your favorite.

5. Hot Hardware: Windows Phone 7 RTM = Funeral for iPhone, and Microsoft Holds It

Since Win Phone 7 has gone RTM, we hear Microsoft wants a big bite from the silver Apple. But a mock funeral parade? Careful Microsoft, what comes around goes around.

6.Engadget: RIM Introduces PlayBook – The BlackBerry Tablet

The black-berry-est nightmares came true for Apple when RIM announced the new PlayBook, and this one might turn out to be a mighty opponent. Apparently iPad had no time to feel lonely on the market.

7. Business Insider: The Real Story Behind The Social Network, The Facebook Movie

Is it us, or this movie seems less like an exciting story about our beloved Facebook, and more like a personal vendetta on CEO Mark Zuckerberg? Feels like college again.

8. USA Today: Google Instant Could Be a Brilliant Stroke – Or Another Flop

Does anyone still expect us to think for ourselves, these days? Apparently Google doesn’t… because with the new Instant search engine, Google reads your mind while you type.

9. PCWorld: FCC Opens up “White Spaces” Spectrum to Mobile Devices

Why waste the unused band spectrum, when you can turn it into super fast, super long range super Wi-Fi? Or at least that’s what The U.S. Federal Communications Commission promised.

10. Retrevo: What Your Gadget Reveal About You

Your beloved gadgets might turn into some sort of character description tools… Are they becoming some new signs of the zodiac? Find out what gadget “sign” you belong to and what  it says about you.