The September Pinkletter

As the fall leaves are falling, new devices and updates are flooding the market – but to us it feels like something is missing.

So when the inevitable happens, be sure you don’t fall short of expectations and be ready to throw some new mastered weapons into the battle.

And while you’re following your arch enemy’s footsteps, waiting for the metamorphosis to finally happen, get ready to embrace the changes, they might be sweet like chocolate… And that is a good thing.


1. The Verge: iPhone 5S Review

As the fall leaves are falling, new devices and updates are flooding the market, trying to wow us with their creativity… and Apple made no exception. But will you take the 5S, or will you be a cheapskate and take the 5C?


2. Forbes: Oyster Launches Netflix for Books

Even though movies and music playlists have been one push of a button (and of course, one credit card charge) away for some time now, it always felt like something was missing… now Oyster is filling that gap with books.


3. Cnet: Samsung Galaxy Gear Smartwatch Review

After creating some kind of a legend around it, when it finally got into the spotlight, Samsung’s Galaxy Gear falls far short of expectations, turning out to be really not that smart… Does cuteness count?


4. Reuters: Microsoft Swallows Nokia’s Phone Business for $7.2 billion

Two years after hitching its fate to Microsoft’s Windows Phone software, the inevitable happened, and Nokia was finally swallowed in the vortex of the giant’s climbing ambitions.


5. The Independent: iOS: Release Date, New Features and How To Download

Ever since Apple announced the iOS 7 in June, users enthusiastically awaited for the metamorphosis to finally happen. And now you can make it happen.


6. International Business Times: Android 4.4 KitKat

Did you ever imagine your love for KitKat chocolate bars and Android OS could be related? We certainly didn’t… but developers promise it will be sweet like chocolate.


7. Mashable: Amazon’s New Kindle Fire HDX Tablets Pack in Power and Pixels

No longer happy with having the best Android tablet, Amazon decided to throw into the battle some new mastered devices… and they look pretty good.


8. The Next Web: Microsoft Finally Adds IMAP and OAuth support to

Opening to users and developers looking to build on, Microsoft finally gave in and added IMAP support. Confused? That’s a good thing…


9. The New Yorker: What’s The Point of Yahoo’s New Logo?

Coming after a period of continuous changes in the Company, Yahoo! decided it was time for a logo transformation to reflect the new face of the company. Is it us, or does the logo kind of look the same?


10. Reuters: Twitter in Talks to add Banks to IPO, Set Fees

Following the footsteps of its – let’s be honest – more successful arch-enemy Facebook, Twitter is rumored to prepare its initial public offering, gathering underwriters.