The September Pinkletter

This month, get ready for shinny new toys and surprising features, as you discover the golden Apple of discord. Now find your way on these messed up maps and discover what went wrong, as giants prepare for another fight.

And as more sharing features invade your iOS, keep dreaming of universal removable batteries and one of a kind Leica cameras.

Photo, photo, on the Wall, who’s the most skilled of them all?

1. Reuters: Samsung To Add iPhone 5 To U.S. Lawsuit Vs Apple

For those of you who genuinely thought that Samsung buried the hatchet of war, you couldn’t be more wrong: it seems that iPhone 5 is the new golden Apple of discord.

2. Cnet: iPhone 5 Full Review: Finally, the iPhone We’ve Always Wanted

Drum rolls, please: Apple finally launched its most anticipated new toy: the shiny new iPhone 5. Ready to find out the good, the bad and the bottom line about the object of your desires?

3. Engadget: iOS 6 Review

As a tradition at Apple, every new toy comes with a new and highly improved version of iOS… no surprise here. But the updates within are always full of surprises… Ready to upgrade?

4. TechCrunch: GoDaddy Says Crash Wasn’t Anonym0us, It Wasn’t A Hack, It Wasn’t A DDoS. It Was Internal Network Issues

After helplessly watching your GoDaddy hosted website and email addresses going down without a warning, it’s time to find out what went wrong…

5. Guardian: New YouTube iPhone App Preempts iOS6 Demotion

We all knew Apple chose Vimeo over YouTube for the new iOS, but the timing of the new YouTube app launch sure was a surprise…Coincidence? We don’t think so… giants don’t go down without a fight.

6. Mashable: Apple’s Maps App: Just How Bad Is It?

Remember how we all got excited about the promised Apple Maps? Well, don’t hold your breath yet, since they turned out to be so buggy… Sorry Apple, it seems that Google still rules on this one.

7. The Verge: Google Takes On Instagram And Facebook By Acquiring Top iOS Photo App Snapseed

Did you expect Google to sit back and watch Facebook and Instagram disputing the best photo editing skills’ crown without acting? Neither did we.

8. International Business Times: Apple’s Jony Ive To Design A Single Leica M Camera For Charity

Leica cameras are pretty impressive as they are, but a one of a kind Jony Ive designed Leica M Camera for charity? How much is it worth to you?

9. All Things Digital: Apple Gets Serious About Social, Facebook Sharing Across iOS, iTunes

Ever thought Facebook isn’t invading enough into your life? Well Apple thinks so, so they incorporated sharing features all over their ecosystem.

10. Engadget: Apple Gets Patent For Universal Batteries, Edges Closer To Long-Lasting Wireless Peripherals

Considering the history, it’s hard to believe in the finality of this project, but we’re gonna say it anyway: Apple patented for a universal removable battery system.