The September 2019 Pinkletter – Best Marketing and Business Tips of September 2019


As seasons change, so does the way we look at marketing. Well, maybe ideas don’t radically change that fast, but there will always be new insight. Here are our hand-picked marketing and business tips for September 2019.

1. The Secrets of the Google Ads Auction

If you’ve invested in Google Ads or planning to, make sure you know the mechanisms. The highest bidder for a keyword doesn’t always show first in a Google search because the search results go through an “ad auction”. Here’s how it works and why that’s important.

2. It’s all about ‘me’— how people are taking search personally

Searches on Google have become more and more personal. For example, “Should I…” or “…forme” are very popular search patterns on Google. And if you can market your content around these patterns, you’d profit. Learn more in this Think with Google article.

3. 7 Ways to Get Organic Traffic from Sources Other Than Google

Google isn’t the only traffic source for your website. It makes sense to diversify your traffic sources, just in case you end up getting hit by a Google algorithm update. Here are tips to accomplish just that.

4. 31 Customer Service Stats to Know in 2019

To help you make your brand more customer-focused, check out these statistics on customer service. They’ll help you brainstorm new strategies for strengthening your customer service team.

5. How Influencer Marketing Fraud Could Cost Your Business [Infographic]

DYK? Influencer marketing fraud cost both big and small companies $1.3 billion each year. See this infographic to avoid being suckered by influencers with an over-inflated follower count.

6. E-Commerce Failures and Mistakes: Why do so Many Startups Fail?

Over 90% of startups fail in their first four years. As much as that’s alarming, this fact can offer marketers insight into the mistakes failed startups make. Here are a few important ones to avoid.

7. 25 of the Best, Free Keyword Research Tools (2019 Edition)

Keyword research is the basis of targeting your content to your ideal audience. Check out this guide on free keyword research tools that you can use to polish your content creation.

8. 10 Critical Elements of Professional Invoices

According to a study, U.S. small businesses are owed $825 billion in unpaid invoices. Are you sending invoices that ensure you get paid for your goods or services? Check out this helpful invoice creation guide.

9. Why Collaborating With Your Competition Can Be A Great Idea

Collaborating with business rivals might seem scary, but the benefits are likely to outweigh the disadvantages. Check out this Forbes article for insights into the rewards of collaborating with competitors.

10. 20 Team Outing Ideas Perfect for Small Businesses

Looking for ways to improve individual skills and boost the morale and the dynamic of your staff? Check out these diverse ideas for brilliant team-building activities.