The Pinkletter – Julie’s News Roundup


This month, while you prepare yourself for the next big social network, don’t forget to blow the candles for Vine’s first year and to stay under the NSA’s radar. And since virtual currency is taking over the world, why shouldn’t smartphones intrude a little more in your life?

Now get used to reading your Facebook news in the old paper-like style and to having all your questions answered, while Nokia is fraternizing with the enemy. And is resurrecting Winamp really a good way to boost streaming efforts?

businessinsider1. Business Insider: Silent Circle Release Blackphone

We’re all familiar with the astronomic NSA scandal last year (if you’re not, get out of your cave!)… if there was a way to get off the radar, would you try it? Silent Circle promises secure communications.

mashable2. Mashable: Vine at One: A Creative Tool That’s Changing Lives

Serving as a successful complementary tool for Twitter, Vine just turned one this month, and we are all excited to see what new features will older and wiser bring us… So happy anniversary, Vine!

cnet3. Cnet: eBay to Allow Bitcoin Sales in ‘Virtual Currency’ Category

For those of you who thought the Bitcoin concept was pretty in theory but a bit hazardous, we have news for you: eBay it’s taking it seriously and will add it to the paying methods… still skeptic?

dailymail4. Daily Mail: Apple’s ‘iOS in the Car’ Video Shows Software Set To Take Over Your Dashboard

If you think smartphones aren’t intruding enough in your everyday life (we know you do), you should know that Apple is set to take over your car…

digitaltrends5. Digital Trends: Specs Leak For the Nokia X, Suggesting Its Android Game Plan is Still On

Despite being in the final state of selling its soul to Microsoft, we hear that Nokia is fraternizing with the enemy… Could this be real?

engadget6. Engadget: Radionomy Acquires Winamp and Shoutcast to Boost its Streaming Efforts

Remember Winamp? Yeah, we can hardly remember it too… but now they found a rescuer to restore their former glory and make it memorable again.

theverge7. The Verge: Twitter Founder Biz Stone Launches Jelly, a Social Q&A Network for Mobile

Placing a bet on the altruistic side of humans (we know you have it in you, too), Jelly will try to never leave you in doubt… But will the greater good win?

mashable18. Mashable: Why We Heart It Could Be the Next Big Social Network

All recent news say that teenagers are starting to flee Facebook, in search for a better place… but where will they go instead? Could We Heart It be their place of refuge?

techcrunch9. Tech Crunch: Facebook Announces Paper, A Curated Visual News Reader Launching Feb. 3 on iOS

In a larger initiative to expand their horizons, Facebook Creative Labs decided to get a little crazy this year and start creating standalone apps… so meet Paper.

gizmodo10. Gizmodo: Asus ZenFones: An Android Army with Intel Inside

When you enter a battle, you usually need an army of well built weapons… How about pretty colored, Android-skinned, Intel cored devices? Will that count? Not even if they come cheap?