The February Pinkletter – Best Marketing Tips of February 2018

best marketing tips of February 2018

Moving forward with the Pinkletter, we’ve decided to select only helpful and relevant marketing resources. These will hopefully prove useful in growing your business. So here it is, a handpicked list of fresh marketing news and tips: the best marketing tips of February 2018.

1. Google Sets Deadline for HTTPS and Warns Publishers to Upgrade Soon

If you haven’t upgraded your website to HTTPS, don’t postpone for too long. Google announced that in July this year, they’ll trigger a warning on sites that are non-HTTPS, which will have a negative impact on your traffic and credibility. (If you’re not sure whether your website is already using HTTPS or not, contact us).

2. How to Become an SEO Expert: The 2018 Guide to FREE SEO Training Courses

Learning SEO is getting better and cheaper each year. Search Engine Journal released this compilation of free resources for sharpening your SEO skills. Check it out!

3. How to Manage Your Entire Marketing Budget [Free Budget Tracker Templates]

The costs of marketing your business are spread across so many channels. Hubspot is kindly offering these tips and free marketing budget templates, so don’t miss them out!

4. 15 Bad Sales Habits & How to Break Them in 2018

Are you a seller? Then this should not be new to you. But who knows, you might learn a thing or two, or refresh your memory about the “don’ts” in sales.

5. 4 Steps to Build and Grow Your List Now

Email lists are one of the backbones of reaching your audience (and getting customers). Need help with growing your email list? This business2community article may give you the needed inspiration.

6. Voice AI: Are You Ready for the Next Evolution in Online Marketing?

With the AI boom last year, marketers are confident that voice AI will have a substantial impact on future marketing. Check out this article on how to adapt your marketing strategy to voice searches.

7. Comparing The Differences Between Generation Z and Millennials [Infographic]

Generation Z (born 1995 onwards) are not just interested in screens and memes – they may be your potential clients or employees (or bosses!). Read this to know them better.

8. Want to Rank Higher on Google? 60 SEO Stats You Need to Know First [Infographic]

This fascinating infographic puts the web into perspective (from a SEO standpoint). Take a look – it may help you better adjust and understand your SEO strategy.

9. 97% of Customers Read Online Reviews. Here’s How to Make Sure Yours are in the Top 1%

Of course reviews are really important. They’ll make or break your business. But do you know how to get better reviews? This comprehensive article delivers great insight into that.

10. Why You Need to Stop Worrying About Facebook ‘Likes’ in 2018

Not getting decent Facebook engagement? Don’t worry about it. This article teaches us to focus on the end results, not metrics.