The October Pinkletter

October 2016 Web Design News

October is jam-packed with new releases from major tech companies. Google launched a new and exciting smartphone, Facebook expands its services and Apple’s hardware gets a push forward. A DDoS attack wreaked havoc online and a once beloved picture manipulation app will cease to exist.

1. Penguin 4.0 is finally here, Google confirms

Though it has a cute name, the Google Penguin algorithm is set to catch sites that manipulate search rankings using link schemes. Penguin 4.0 added real time changes, as well as penalties to specific pages rather than the full site to its arsenal. Seems good.

2. Google Pixel review update: Two weeks with the Google phone

Already  bored with your phone? Well, it looks like Google has a new smartphone on the market, one that’s built to impress. The reviews have been pointing out to stretched battery life, great camera, stable performance and overall goodness.

3. What is Facebook Marketplace and how can you use it to buy and sell?

EBay, watch out. There’s a new kid on the block. And the kid’s name is Facebook Marketplace, a hub you can use to buy and sell goods. But the question is – is the sheer social media dominance of Facebook enough to surpass established e-commerce platforms?

4. Facebook at Work officially launches as ‘Workplace’

Speaking of places, Facebook launched its “Workplace”, a private social network for companies. The new platform allows co-workers to securely collaborate, chat, and “get work done”. Now it’s acceptable to be on Facebook at work.

5. DDoS attack that disrupted internet was largest of its kind in history, experts say

A major denial of service attack towards Dyn, a big player in the Internet’s domain name system (DNS) infrastructure, occurred this month. For a brief period, the attack wreaked havoc online, with many sites like Twitter or Reddit experiencing outages and downtime. Mr. Robot is real.

6. adds “advanced” SEO tools, and it’ll make you smile

It’s official. You can now make SEO changes directly in WordPress without the use of a 3rd party tool. Small business owners can add meta descriptions, tile formats, as well as preview social media posts. It’s not revolutionary, but it’s a good step in the right direction.

7. WhatsApp races to internationalize Snapchat’s overlaid creative tools

Following the trend of copying the best features of popular apps, WhatsApp now allows you to use overlaid drawing tools over pictures (much like Snapchat). Seems like major apps become more and more alike.

8. Google Maps Now Lets You Order Food

Hungry? Order your food directly from Google Maps! But you have to search for nearby restaurants and those restaurants must work with a delivery service (like Grubhub or Seamless) before you can order your food from them.

9. Vine Is Shutting Down

Remember Vine? You know, that site where you can make 6-second videos that started off with a bang. Unfortunately for Vine, it’s seen a decline in popularity (apps like Snapchat and Instagram dominate the picture and video app market) and Twitter decided to shut it down. The tables are turning in the tech world.

10. Microsoft Introduces Surface Studio

It’s no news that we’re Apple fan(atics) here at BrightPink Studio, but this video that introduces the new Surface Studio did cause a few jaws to drop. It’s certainly exciting and innovative, and there’s a lot of chatter from creatives lured into switching over…

But, wait… (yes, we have 11 features this time around):

11. The New MacBook Pro

Days after Microsoft announced its Surface Studio, the new MacBook Pro has been rolled out and it’s thinner and lighter than ever, according to Apple. A standout feature is the Touch Bar, a mini display that changes its options based on the app you’re using. So… tell us, what impressed you the most?