The October Pinkletter

Regrettably, on the 5th of October, Steve Jobs passed away…but while the Sun at Apple might have faded away, the Earth is still moving…not for RIM, though, after their three days outage.

You thought things couldn’t get more twisted? Beware of the thermonuclear war and get ready to loose the battle, as iPhone 4S is getting a new core.

Now take a deep breath, relax and enjoy some spooky Halloween applications. Other than that… same old, same old.

1. Dailymail: Devastated Apple Staff Plan Celebration Of Steve Job’s Life As World Mourns Death of Visionary Genius

Unfortunately, the title says it all: regrettably, on the 5th of October, Steve Jobs passed away.

2. InformationWeek: RIM’s Outage: Nail in Coffin?

As if they didn’t already have enough problems with the competition, the unimaginable happened: RIM suffered a three days outage. Sorry, RIM, you just put a nail in your coffin.

3. Forbes: Tango To Be Windows Phone/Mango’s First Videocalling Service, Leapfrogging Skype

After being almost a certainty, it seems like Skype lost the battle for Windows Phone, after all… And from what we hear, the competitor has potential.

4. Cnet: Flex it, Baby! Nokia’s New Interface Is Seriously Twisted

You thought things couldn’t get more twisted in the smartphones’ kingdom? Apparently Nokia has decided to prove you wrong, with its new kinetic device. Too bad it’s just a prototype… for now.

5. The Washington Post: New Book Suggests Jobs Rebelled His Whole Life And Threatened “Thermonuclear War” vs. Google

We all knew Jobs wasn’t Google’s fan, but threatening thermonuclear war? Careful, Google, the haunting isn’t over yet.

6. TechCrunch: Adobe Launches Adobe Reader For iOS

To our surprise (and not only), Adobe’s launch of their famous Reader for iOS triggered some mixed up reactions. Apparently, there’s no middle ground on the matter.

7. The Wall Street Journal: The iPhone Finds Its Voice

Keeping the same body we’re all so accustomed to, the new iPhone 4S was given a new core, based on an impressive artificial-intelligence system. Other than that… same old, same old.

8. Mashable: Cellphones Don’t Cause Cancer

As far as your mobile devices are concerned, you can take a deep breath and relax… they will not be the end of you. Although, figuratively speaking, we wouldn’t take the stand for it.

9. Engadget: iOS5 Review

The Sun at Apple might have faded away, but the Earth is still moving. And as we already got used to it, every year iPhone gets a fancy new polished image… here’s what this autumn brings us.

10. AppAdvice: Apps For Halloween

And since once in a while it’s time to take a break and enjoy the holidays, be thought you might enjoy some spooky Halloween applications for your smartphone. We too know how to have fun… right?