The May Pinkletter

As Apple prepares to take over the Cloud, stop holding your breath and get ready for Twitter massive make-over. Don’t hate the iDevices users and keep your eyes open for the new Windows Phone Mango.

And now that wallets became so overrated and smartphones are opening doors, is 8.5 billion dollars a spicy phone bill, or are we just missing something?

Not sure it’s confidence or pure arrogance, but we bet now you’ll really sleep better at night… right?


1. Business Week: Apple’s Deal May Transform Digital Music

Secure your digital locker and let the iTunes sweep you away, because it seems that Apple reached an agreement and is ready to take over the Cloud as well. Or at least they’re trying to.

2. PC Mag: Netflix (for Android)

Good news! You now can stop hating the iDevices users for movie streaming: we hear Netflix just launched its most expected free app for Android… The bad news is that now you can start hating the people with the right Android device.

3. The Wall Street Journal: Microsoft Dials Up Change

Considering the rush to buy, apparently Microsoft really really wanted Skype for itself. But in the absence of a serious bidder, is 8.5 billion dollars a spicy phone bill or are we just missing something?

4. Digital Trends: How Google Wallet Works

Curious how our smartphones could possibly turn more addictive than they already are? Then try the shiny new app from Google: the Google Wallet. Now we wonder: when did wallets become so overrated?

5. TechCrunch: Lockitron Lets You Unlock Your Door With Your Phone

Ever wished to just snap your fingers in order to unlock the door? Keep dreaming, that’s not gonna happen. But you might do that by using your phone, instead. This has to count for something, right?

6. Win Rumors: Hands On: Windows Phone Mango Feature Demos [Video]

After the amazing success of its Windows Phone 7 launch, Microsoft is preparing to release a new and highly improved Windows Phone: Mango. Here are some reasons that will totally make it wait-worthy.

7. Smart Planet: FEMA, FCC Unveil Emergency Alert System For Mobile Phones

Here’s some news to help you sleep better at night: the officials just came up with an emergency alert system that will let you know (with a message!) when you’re in danger… So… did it work?

8. Reuters: Intel Chief Says Doesn’t Need ARM For Mobile Chips

Ignoring everyone’s advices to license ARM’s technology, Intel is still persisting in creating its own battery-friendly technology, said to be better than everything else. Not really sure if it’s confidence… or just pure arrogance.

9. Mashable: Twitter Gives Its Mobile Web App a Massive Update

Since the previous version of Twitter for mobile devices was so dull and unfashionable, it was time for a make-over… And this time, Twitter got it right, creating a rich experience for its users. Enjoy!

10. Digital Trends: The INQ Cloud Touch Officially Not a ‘Facebook Phone’: Integrates Foursquare

Remember how everybody announced with drum rolls the launching of the Facebook Phone? You can stop holding your breath: apparently it runs Foursquare as well…