The May Pinkletter – Best Marketing and Business Tips of May 2019

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Spring is almost here, and you’ve probably planned your vacation for the year. But while you’re (patiently) waiting for that walk on the beach, why not refresh your memory on how to take your business to another level? These marketing tips may be the inspiration you were looking for all along. Without further ado, here are our handpicked business and marketing tips for May 2019.

1. Here’s a Guide to Starting Tasks You’ve Been Avoiding [Infographic]

Getting enough done each day at work is a common problem. We all face it. To boost your productivity and head to happy hour earlier, follow these tips from HubSpot.

2. 5 Easy Tips to Skyrocket Your Instagram Marketing This Year

Instagram is ever more popular, and its users are highly engaged and active. And Instagram marketing should be an integral part of your social media strategy — if it’s not already. Check out these tips to boost your Instagram marketing efforts.

3. Email List Cleaning: Why and How to Properly Clean Your Email List

Your email list might be old and dusty after many years of building it up, so why not give it a thorough cleaning? That helps you boost your Increase Open Rates. Check out this article to learn why that’s important.

4. 5 Quick Ways to Get More Conversions from Your Landing Pages

Aside from positive reviews, stylish images, and convincing CTAs, there are many effective ways you can maximize the conversion rate of your landing pages. Check out some of them on the Marketo blog.

5. Adjust Your Mindset for Success

The mindset is the basis of both our failures and success. But it’s easy to forget to think positive when we encounter the ups and downs in our careers and personal lives. Here are essential tips to improve your mindset for success.

6. The 2019 State of Content Marketing [Infographic]

Every business has its own content marketing plan and some budget differently than others. To help you know where to spend money on content marketing right now, take a look at this infographic from Social Media Today.

7. How to Ensure Your Remote Staff Is Engaged

Do you have a remote work force? If so, is it easy to keep them locked in, engaged, and effective? If you’re struggling to do that, here are some tips boost your remote employees’ productivity and morale.

8. How to Accept Credit Card Payments Online

There are many user-friendly and affordable tools for accepting credit card payments. If you’re new to cred card processing, check out these popular options.

9. 5 Money-Saving Strategies for Small Businesses

The success of a small business relies heavily on knowing how to spend and save money. Sometimes, it’s difficult to know what tools and services you really need. If you need help with that, take a look at these money saving tips for your small business.

10. 3 Hacks To Attract Great Talent For Your Small Business

Did you know 60 million people are employed by small businesses? Yet, many small businesses struggle to find and retain talent. If you’re one of those companies, take these steps to ensure you attract the best possible talent.

Bonus: Lessons from a Car Salesperson: What We Can Learn From This Historic Profession

In a world that has moved from in-person to online communication, car salespeople are still some of the most versatile sales professionals. Check out these savvy sales lessons you can learn from the car lot.