The May Pinkletter

This month, as Yahoo launched their big gun – Axis -and joined  the browser war, Motorola got a new chance to shine, while Twitter innovated their interface, making us Thirst-y for more.

And after waiting for so long, get ready to meet Siri on wheels and start shooting with some really Angry Birds as you’re wondering who’s Popularity’s favorite this year…

Is  the Cloud at risk after all?

1. Mashable: Yahoo Launches Web Browser Axis, Makes Searches More Visual

As if choosing a web browser wasn’t hard enough, Yahoo launched their big gun – Axis – and joined the browser war… But are they worthy opponents?

2. Addictivetips: Thirst For iPad: View Your Twitter Timeline In a Newspaper-Like Feed

Since Facebook found a chic way to display your timeline, it was only a matter of time until Twitter innovated their interface as well… Thirsty for more?

3. Venturebeat: Siri Meets KITT: Nuance Unveils In-car Voice Dictation Platform Dragon Drive

Can’t escape your smartphone addiction even when you’re driving? This can’t be safe… but with Dragon Drive, soon it will be. Think of it like Siri on wheels.

4. TechCrunch: Rovio’s FB App, Angry Birds Friends, Flies Out Of Beta With Tournament Mode, New Levels&More

After patiently waiting for so long, you can finally stop holding your breath: Rovio’s Angry Birds Friends (aka the FB app) is out of beta. So start shooting!

5. Engadget: MasterCard Gives PayPass Blessings to HTC One X, 16 Other NFC Phones

After the first wave of excitement about NFC-enabled devices, MasterCard finally certified 17 smartphones to use for contactless payment. Ready to shop?

6. BusinessWire: iHeartRadio Reaches 10 Million Registered Users in Just Eight Months

With all these communication platforms and entertainment websites, popularity is an unfaithful mistress… and now she’s favoring iHeartRadio.

7. Wired: Could An Oracle Win Against Google Blow Up The Cloud?

The war between Oracle and Google might be soon over, but the worries are far from that, continuously rising… Could an Oracle win create a precedent, putting the Cloud at risk?

8. Technology News: Deals: Under Google’s Wing, Motorola Can Stop Dabbling

After three years of unremarkable presence on the international market, Google gives Motorola a chance to shine again. But will they rise to the occasion?

9. Cnet: Chameleon Aims To Amaze The Android Tablet Experience

In matters of innovation, Teknision’s Chameleon is really going to spice up the Android tablet user experience, aiming to amaze us with interchanging home screen displays. Not until September, though.

10. Mashable: How To Get Started With Viddy

Now that sharing everything with your friends is a new religion, images no longer suffice for sharing everyday moments, so videos are taking over. Didn’t sign up yet? Here’s how…