The March Pinkletter

This month, start making your Cloud experience all fun and games and prepare yourself for a surprising come back.

As for the new merger, take a deep breath and cross your fingers, you might get a free Mobile-Me gift, after all… but is your conscience clean on this one?

And while Facebook takes over our virtual world, secure your data and start making the most of the new features, as you catch up with your rivals updates. But that won’t impress Apple, will it?

1. Wired: Facebook Teams Up With Warner Bros. To Stream Movies

Seems like Facebook is the shining star in the socializing galaxy, and everything relates to it. And with the new deal with Warner Bros, we can’t help but wonder: are they trying to make all our wishes come true or take over our virtual world?

2. PCWorld: 10 Utilities To Secure Your Data

It’s not a secret to anyone that once you open your browser you enter a mine field… you just have to be smarter than these malicious little thieves and think ahead: so we bring you 10 ways to stay out of trouble on the world wild web.

3. TheNextWeb: Amazon Launches Android Appstore

Since the number of Android applications is rising fast, it was about time someone put together an Android Appstore. Amazon thought so too, so it got our gratitude and a lawsuit. We assume that Apple wasn’t too impressed, after all.

4. GigaOm: In AT&T & T-Mobile Merger, Everyone Loses

In its plans of apparently, making our lives miserable, AT&T merger is about to make our decisions on mobile technologies “easier” by reducing the market even more. But is Sprint really backing down?… and is Android losing ground on this one?

5. Business Wire: GSLO Expects First U.S. Volt Solar Charger Shipment in Next 30 Days

For those of you who put going green on the New Year’s list, you can now enjoy a long battery life on your iPhone and a clean conscience…

6. SlashGear: New Mobile-Me to Launch April, Revamped and Free

You know how you always wanted to get your hands on the Mobile-Me app, but usually bolted in the last minute because of the slightly prohibitive price? Apparently spring comes along with free gifts… but don’t hold your breath.

7. TechCrunch: Yahoo Launches Its Answer to Google Instant: “Search Direct”

It was about time for Yahoo to start catching up after Google’s Instant, and their new “Search Direct” seems to do the trick… we know they claim to be entirely something else, but  they look pretty much the same, don’t they?

8. The Wall Street Journal: A Transformed Fairchild Returns To Silicon Valley

After years of absence, Silicon Valley’s prodigious son – Fairchild Semiconductor chip maker – has returned with bold vision and high expectations… Careful everyone, this once-upon-a-time giant won’t go down without a fight.

9. CNET: Amazon May Soon Launch Film, Music Locker Service

Can’t get enough of your favorite music and videos and can’t possibly imagine the Cloud without it? Why would you? We hear Amazon is preparing to launch its cloud locker service to make the experience all fun and games… Curious yet?

10. ZDNet: Splunk 4.2 Operational Intelligence

Taking operational intelligence to a whole different level, Splunk offered it a more sharp and intriguing approach, including in its development some exciting new features to make the most of your system management.