The March Pinkletter

This month, get ready to honor traditions and to add new currencies to the general confusion as we watch the newest competitor enter the smartphone’s arena.

Now it’s time for pink tablets and keeping promises, while taking Notes and syncing photos across devices.

And Happy Anniversary Twitter!


digitaltrends1. Digital Trends: Twitter Turns 7, And Celebrates 200 Million Active Users

This month, get ready to blow the candles for the 7th anniversary of one of our most beloved social addictions – Twitter… and we hear we’re celebrating with 200 million active users. Happy birthday, Twitter!

techcrunch2. Tech Crunch: Google’s Keep Note-Taking Web And Android App Gets Its Official Public Launch

Have you ever desperately searched for a piece o paper to take a note and lost it right after? Well, those days are over… meet Google Note.

allthingsdigital3. All Things Digital: After Two Years In The Works, Picturelife Comes To Life

We all wanted a photo app that could allow easy imports, being also able to sync photos all across our devices… and let’s not forget Twitter and Facebook. There is one. But good things aren’t free.

washingtonpost4. The Washington Post: Amazon Adds ‘Send to Kindle’ Button To Sites

Joining the crowd of companies that are trying to make it easier for hasty users to save content for reading later, Amazon just launched its new ‘send to Kindle’ button… and soon we will see it all across the web.

theverge5. The Verge: Pandora Now Available on Windows Phone 8 With Ad-free Listening Through The End Of 2013

For those of you still waiting for Pandora’s app for Windows Phone 8, we hear Microsoft is finally making good of its promises, bringing you ad-free listening.

techradar6. Tech Radar: Hands On: Samsung Galaxy S4 Review

Drum rolls please: Samsung just sent in the arena another valuable competitor for the smartphones’ crown, and they say it’s a real crowd-pleaser. So take a look and see what’s under its shiny hood.

vandelaydesign7. Vandelay Design: How To Migrate From Google Reader To Feedly

If you’re daily using Google Reader to get your news feeds, you probably know by now that soon it will be history. And if you still haven’t started searching for a new tool, we have a great one for you: meet Feedly.

lifehacker8. Lifehacker: What Is Bitcoin And What Can I Do With It?

Have you ever had the feeling that you can barely keep up with the existing currencies? How about adding a new one to the list? We hear the new Bitcoin is becoming more and more popular among internet addicts…

mashable9. Mashable: The First Tablet For Women Is As Awful As It Sounds

If a 5 year old can figure out iPads and Kindles, girls probably can too… well that’s not what Eurostar Group thinks, since they decided to make a tablet just for women. Just because it’s pink, it doesn’t mean we’re going to love it.

techcrunch_210. Tech Crunch: Facebook Brings Down The Hammer Again: Cuts Off MessageMe’s Access To Its Social Graph

As a tradition, each new social media app has to face Facebook’s touchiness around access to its social graph. And MessageMe makes no exception.