The March Pinkletter

This month, after giving its App Store a more Play-full look, Google is giving web-search a fresh start  and web browsers some privacy nightmares.

And now that Windows 8 Consumer Preview is everything we dreamed of, get ready for another Apple product update and for some sneaky little thieves.

Are changes at RIM revolutionary breakthroughs or just desperate solutions?

1. Techradar: Hands On: Windows 8 Review

After holding our breath for so long to hear what the Windows 8 Consumer Preview brings out on the market, we can finally relax: it’s everything we expected, and even more…

2. Mashable: The New iPad Is a Pure Joy

After proclaiming iPad 2 as the best tablet on the market, here comes Apple’s annual product update and steals its thunder… But is iPad 3 really better, or is it just a pretty face?

3. The Telegraph: Google Play Review

While everybody struggles to win the tablet market, Google still has its attention on the smartphone’s kingdom, and this time they revamped the App Store… What else do they have in mind?

4. The Forbes: Happy Birthday Twitter: Twitter Turns 6!

In this world of fast changes and continuous innovations, it’s time to realize that Twitter is no longer the fresh new internet baby… it just turned 6. So happy birthday, Twitter!

5. Bloomberg: Rovio Executive Says ‘Angry Birds Space’ Skips Windows Phone

The most popular mobile-phone game app – Angry Birds – is finally here, ready for you to enjoy it…not if you’re an WP user, though. Sorry, guys.

6. The Wall Street Journal: Google Gives Search A Refresh

After giving its App Store a more Play-full look, Google is now giving web-search a new, fresh start, promising more relevance and incorporated semantic search, so you can enjoy google-ing…

7. PCWorld: BlackBerry Releases Mini Keyboard For PlayBook

After last year’s famous crisis, we hear that RIM is releasing a mini keyboard for its not so famous tablet – the PlayBook. Is this a revolutionary breakthrough, or just a desperate solution?

8. Ghacks: Protected Search Lets You Use Google Being Tracked

While Google’s consolidation of its privacy policies came as an upgrade, it definitely has its dark sides. Find out how to avoid the monsters when browsing the internet.

9. The New York Times: A Turing Award for Helping Make Computer Smarter

Being a path-breaking innovator in artificial intelligence, Judea Pearl received the Turing Award as a recognition of his genius. Congratulations.

10. AllThingsDigital: Vaunted Yahoo Techie Departs For Microsoft (Surprised? Me Neither)

We know they say in war everything is fair… but stealing Yahoo’s techie like that? Sneaky little thieves.