The June Pinkletter

In this tech world, where everybody’s searching for the Holy Grail, forgiving and forgetting is hardly an option… especially when you’re constantly slapping your competitors.

And this month, let the drum rolls beat and get in the frenzy, as the back of your phone becomes its coolest feature… Now yield to the dominance of the tablets and make the most of your iPad’s camera.

Are the LulzSec copycats reaching for the stars or is just Apple?

1. PC Mag : Apple’s Jobs Unveils iCloud

Now that Apple’s supremacy in the tech world is beyond doubt, it was only fair to assume that it will reach for the stars… in this case, for the Cloud. But that doesn’t surprise anyone, does it?

2. All Things Digital: Despite All the Attention, LulzSec Hackers Failed

After days of haunting the Web, the LulzSec hackers threat vanished just as fast as it appeared, leaving their malicious legacy for other copycats that may have the ambition to prove a point of some kind.

3. GigaOm: Revealed: Spotify’s US Launch Dates, Price Plans

This frenzy of always-connected trend seems to spread its wings all over the world. So it’s no wonder Spotify’s launch in the US is so eagerly anticipated for some time now… but how long do we have to wait?

4. TechCrunch: The New Early-Adopter Addiction: Turntable

Drum rolls please… online music has a new shining star – Turntable, turning your passion for music into an extremely addicting experience and breathing new life into social networking… or at least it’s what people say.

5. Payments Source: Citi Begins Offering Customers Contactless-Payment Stickers

Ever had the impression that your smartphone in governing your life? Well that won’t go away… it seems that Citigroup Inc. turns the back of your phone into its “coolest feature”, making the temptation of spending money irresistible.

6. Cnet: Chromebook Arrives as Netbook Checks Out

In a world where the mini-notebooks had to yield to the dominance of tablets, a new opponent is rising. But since Windows Netbook already failed to provide what we expected, will Chromebook prevail?

7. Tuaw: Skype Coming to the iPad Soon

Ever since the iPad got a camera on it, developers from Skype started to fancy the idea of a special version to fit the tablet’s new dimensions. But that’s not much of a shock, is it?

8. Mashable: Apple’s iMessage Is Like BBM for iOS

From what we see, it looks like Apple can’t get enough of slapping its competitors in their faces…  And this time, it’s RIM’s BBM who had to bow its head for the new iMessage service. Is it really that awesome?

9. The Wall Street Journal: Adobe CEO Narayen: Feud With Apple is Over

Apparently Flash is no longer the Apple of discord in this long lasting war we’re all familiar with, and Adobe’s CEO waved the white flag. But is it really all forgiven and forgotten?

10. All Things Digital: France Telecom Debuts the Data Plan of the Future

Everybody’s still wishing and hopping to find the Holy Grail of data plans, searching for a way to make the most of their precious devices. And apparently some of them just came across it. The rest of you, keep praying…