The June Pinkletter – Best Marketing and Business Tips of June 2019

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Have you honed your marketing and business skills this month? If not, we’ve got you covered! Check out our handpicked business and marketing tips for June 2019. Good luck with your business growth and check back next month for more awesome tips from the web.

1. How to Create a Sales Plan: Guide + Template

Creating a sales plan can help sales managers fine-tune their sales strategy. Don’t know how a sales plan works? Check out these tips from Hubspot.

2. 31 Customer Service Stats to Know in 2019

What matters most to costumers are the price and quality of products, but also the customer experience. To make your business more customer-focused, take a look at these statistics on customer service.

3. 28 Qualities of Amazing Content Marketing

Content marketing has been around for decades, but do you know how to actually use content marketing to grow your business? Read this busness2community article to learn about what great content marketing is all about.

4. New Report Looks at Best Times to Post on the Major Social Platforms in 2019

The best time to post on social channels depends on your industry, audience, channel, and more. Yet, knowing the generic best times to post can help you polish the timing of your posts. Learn more in this Social Media Today article.

5. The Steps of Creating Your Buyer Blueprint

When you want to sell a product to a prospect and they say “no”, do you know why? Check out this Entrepreneur article to learn about asking what prospects want (or their buyer blueprint).

6. Top 20 Landing Page Examples That Convert in 2019

Good landing pages focus on well-placed text, clean design, and strong CTAs to ensure high conversions. To help you know if your landing page is well-designed, here are 20 examples of awesome landing pages from famous companies.

7. How To Find Employees on LinkedIn: Free, Premium & Recruiter

LinkedIn is a great platform to search and apply for jobs, thus it’s also very useful for companies who want to recruit employees. Here’s how to leverage the platform to find your next employee from its pool of candidates.

8. How to Manage Your Small Business Through a Crisis

Sometimes, even the best small businesses run into a crisis situation, resulting in fewer sales and profit. So what should a small business do to get out of a crisis? Check out these savvy tips from

9. 4 Things We Can Learn From the Fastest-Growing Women-Led Small Businesses

In general, women business owners are skilled at allocating capital, collaborating inside and outside their companies, and listening to the needs of others. But how can knowing this help you? Check out this article to learn more.

10. 10 Tips for Improving Your Results as a Small Business Owner

To improve the results of your small business, focus on making realistic advances. If that sounds confusing, here are key tips to help you get better results going forward.