The June Pinkletter

Best of tech news June 2017

Tag along as the new App Store and Twitter get a facelift, iPad Pro gets an enlargement and the Surface Pro enters a new generation. Bixby needs English lessons, Snapchat has a new stalking feature and Amazon buys a lot of expensive food. Photo filters come to WhatsApp, job search is Google’s new domain and bringing the world closer together is Facebook’s new mission.

1. Apple is redesigning the App Store

At long last, Apple has updated its iOS App Store. The app now sports two big cards to get to know the apps you seek better. Other features, like trimming down the ‘app feed’, could make you want to download even more (or less) apps!

2. Twitter redesigned itself to make the tweet supreme again

Twitter revamped its design this month in the hopes of making the app/site superior anew! “Superior” in this context means “simple, modern and live” as the Twitter design team put it. The new interface is not far from what it was, but it sure looks sleeker.

3. Apple iPad Pro 10.5 is Apple’s best tablet

‘The bigger, the better’ is what first came to mind when iPad Pro 10.5 (inches) was launched. However, it’s not the size that counts, it’s what’s inside (opinions may differ). The new iPad has a high-tier CPU, excellent 12 MP camera and much more.

4. Review: How Does the Microsoft Surface Laptop Stack Up?

The 5th generation Surface Pro is Microsoft’s latest effort to rival other 2 in 1 laptops. While many new features won’t blow you out of the water, the performance of the new Surface Pro is remarkable. Not enough to justify its sky-high price, though.

5. Samsung’s “Bixby” assistant still can’t grasp English, is delayed again

It feels like every big company wants to make its own digital assistants. Bixby, Samsung’s Galaxy 8’s PDA has yet to learn English, it seems. Samsung is taking steps to teach its assistant English but, for now, you have to talk to it in Korean.

6. Snapchat Launches ‘Snap Map’ So You Can Track Your Mates On A Map

Need new ways to explore the world? For those of you who thought traveling was the answer… well Snapchat says you’re wrong! How about stalking your friends all over the world to get inspired?

7. Amazon to Buy Whole Foods for $13.4 Billion

Amazon is hungry for more acquisitions, so they bought Whole Foods for $13.4 billion. Buying groceries online may seem ridiculous, but who cares? It’s Amazon and the food is some of the healthiest you can find.

8. WhatsApp update adds automatic albums and photo filters on iOS

What’s up with the new WhatsApp version, you say? Easy… it got photo filters, a quick reply feature and automatic albums in chat. Photo filters are the biggest addition because… who doesn’t love photos?

9. Google For Jobs is Now Live in Search Results

Need a job? Google it! Google (U.S.) now displays jobs directly in search. Several filters are available, so you can narrow down your searches easier. Good luck on your searches.

10. Facebook gives up on making the world more open and connected, now wants to bring the world closer together

This month Facebook changed their mission to something slightly different. It’s more focused on giving everyone a voice and uniting people all over the world to ultimately build a unified, stronger community. How exactly is that going to happen? We don’t know.