The June Pinkletter

This month, get ready to be wooed and to challenge the market like no one before. And as a new front opens in this already fierce competition, prepare yourself for some more content sharing and threatening radio offers.

Now make the most of your powerful new tools and let the battle for supremacy begin. Curious to see some interpretation of how a modern mobile OS should perform?

1. TechRadar: Hands On: Microsoft Surface Tablet Review

After announcing it with such enthusiasm, Microsoft’s new Surface Tablet turned out to be as expected: a delightful piece of hardware, challenging the market like no one before… Apple…

2. Mashable: Retina MacBook Pro: The Laptop From The Future

Every time we hear there’s something cooking in the Apple labs, we assume there must be some innovative iDevices… but not this time. So get ready to be wooed by the new cutting-edge MacBook Pro.

3. TechCrunch: Goodbye To Google Maps With Street View, Hello To Apple’s New Maps With 3D Flyovers

Opening up a new front in their already fierce competition with Google, Apple launched their own mapping service on iOS, taking a big step ahead.

4. Digital Trends: Spotify Launches Free, Streaming Radio in iOS App

After months of anticipation, Spotify finally announced their first free mobile radio offering, making it available to the iOS app… Should Pandora feel threatened about the latest update?

5. Techworld: Facebook Unveils WordPress Plugin To Expand Integration With Blog Platform

As if we didn’t share enough of our lives on Facebook, now we can share some more, by integrating the new WordPress Facebook plugin into our websites.

6. Wired: iOS: A Deeper Look At Its 10 Coolest Features

This fall, when iOS 6 will finally arrive on our iDevices, Apple promises to provide more than another operating system update: it will be the interpretation of how a modern mobile OS should perform. Curious yet?

7. Cnet: Google Unveils Offline Mode For Google Maps

After loosing ground on Apple’s iDevices, Google made a move and launched the offline mode for Google maps, making the internet connection unnecessary. And the battle just got more exciting.

8. Webmonkey: Firefox 13: A Faster, Smarter Web Browser

After many months of hard work and  many smaller updates, Mozilla finally released the final version of Firefox 13, promising to provide us with a smarter and a lot faster browser… Let’s see what we get.

9. Mashable: Photoshop CS6: Get Started  With These Powerful New Tools

We know you already got your eyes on the new Photoshop CS6 (we all did), but do you really know what you’re in for? Here’s how you can truly make the most of these powerful new tools.

10. Bloomberg: Apple Wins Preliminary Injunction Against Samsung Tablet

In this already legendary global patent dispute between Apple and Samsung, it seems that the balance of justice is leaning towards Apple… But will it stay faithful?