The July Pinkletter

The July 2017 Pinkletter

Snap directly into the July Pinkletter: ads in Facebook Messenger’s home screen, Skype in your BMW, PayPal with Samsung Pay. Then take a closer look at the new Google app feed through your Google Glasses. What do you see? iPod taking a hike.

1. Snapchat lets you add links, voice filters and backdrops to Snaps

Snapchat is enriching its feature base with three new additions. Paperclip lets you (finally) add links to your Snaps, Backdrops provides artsy patterns you can put behind Snaps, and Voice Filters are… self-explanatory. More features, more fun!

2. There’s A New, More Intimate Way To Reply To Instagram Stories

If you’ve been amazed by an Instagram Story in your feed, you can now express your astonishment with more than words! Logically, that means you can reply with a photo or video, which in a way adds more depth to the original Story itself.

3.  Facebook to expand Messenger home screen ads beta worldwide

We all know Facebook makes money through ads. This month, the giant tech company’s Messenger will be extending its home screen ads beta worldwide. The Messenger home screen shows your most recent conversation, making it ideal (and annoying) for ad display.

4. Microsoft partners with BMW to put Skype in cars

What’s cooler than a BMW? A BMW with Skype. In other words, Microsoft is enabling Skype for Business in BMW’s iDrive system. This new feature could make business communications easier, but doesn’t it decrease safety?

5.  Samsung Pay will soon tap into your PayPal account

Oh, how the world of payments gets simpler. Continuing this trend, you can now add your PayPal account into Samsung Pay, so you can pay with your PayPal account in-store or online via Samsung Pay on your phone. Neat.

6. Google Glass Enterprise Edition is official & the clue is in the name

The original Google Glass got a lot of smack due to privacy and safety concerns. This time around, Google Glass gets re-released under a new name for a new target market. Workers in many business areas will be able to use Google Glass Enterprise to improve their labor.

7. Google quietly released a killer new feature in Google Maps

Did you know that Google Maps shows the terrain elevation when you’re asking for search directions for bikes? Well, pedestrians and hikers can now rejoice because we got an elevation feature for walking directions, too!

8. Google introduces personalized news feed on Android and iOS

Were you tired of seeing Google Now on your phone? Good, because it’s now retired and replaced with a personal news feed that appears directly in the Google app. Don’t worry, it only displays content based on preferences, which you can, of course, customize.

9. Amazon launches shopping social network Spark for iOS

Amazon has launched Spark, a feature that allows Prime members to showcase and buy products on the Amazon App for iPhone. Although late to the party, Spark is the retail giant’s first move into the world of social media.

10. Goodbye iPod, and thanks for all the tunes

Noo! The beloved iPod Nano and Shuffle have been pulled out of their virtual stores. Sad as it is, this doesn’t come as a surprise. Media players are like… obsolete gadgets nowadays. Long live the iPhone (or Android phone, we aren’t paid by Apple)!