The July Pinkletter

This month, get ready for new brilliant accessories and much anticipated updates, as the kingdom’s crown is lost to arch-rivals and new forces enter the war.

Now prepare some drum rolls for fearlessly withstanding solutions, regrettable 3-D maps and new beginnings, hoping that fifth time is a charm.

But does this really make a difference for a fallen giant?

1. Mashable: Check Out Microsoft’s Brilliant Keyboard for Windows 8 Tablets

For those who thought Windows 8 tablets are as good as they can get, Microsoft will prove you wrong with its new brilliant Wedge Mobile Keyboard.

2. DailyTech: Apple iPhones Outsold by Samsung 2 to 1 in Q2, Profit Suffers

After a long undeniable reign in the smartphones’ kingdom, the unimaginable happened: Apple just lost the coveted crown to its arch-rival Samsung… But the war is not over yet.

3. Businessweek: Why An Amazon Phone Makes Sense… For Amazon

Even though the competition is bitter and the bar very high set, discouraging new entrants, Amazon seems determined to enter the smartphone’s war anyway… good luck with that.

4. SlashGear: Apple OS X Mountain Lion Review

Coming after the glorious launch of Windows 8 OS, Apple’s much anticipated update to its OS has some pretty large shoes to fill… here’s the great, the amazing and the not-so-good about Mountain Lion.

5. Engadged: Google Fiber Gets Formal Launch, Adds Google Fiber TV

Promising to provide a “real” TV service with recognizable channels and its own, fully searchable interface, Google just kicked its Google Fiber efforts into overdrive. But is the spicy “construction” fee a turn off?

6. Mashable: ‘Permanent’ SIM Unlock for AT&T iPhones is Now Available

Over time, there have been some more or less effective workarounds, but no one delivered a “permanent” unlock solution for AT&T iPhones – one that could withstand future iOS updates fearlessly… no one, until now.

7. TechRadar: Spotify Launches BlackBerry App

Falling behind a couple of months, Spotify’s App for BlackBerry handsets is finally on the market, bringing all the expected features… but does it really make a difference for the fallen giant?

8. The Guardian: Microsoft Office 15 Review: Built For Touch And The Cloud

Since the launch of Windows 8 OS was such a revolutionary breakthrough for Microsoft, it was only reasonable (given the tradition) to be shortly followed by launching a new and as impressive Office… drum rolls, please.

9. The Washington Post: Yahoo Names Marissa Mayer as CEO

Now that the position is vacant again, in its relentless search for the perfect new CEO, Yahoo set its high hopes on Google’s engineer Marissa Mayer, hopping that the fifth time is a charm…

10. Wired: Google Earth Update Brings 3-D Maps to Apple’s iPad, iPhone

We all know Google Earth is going to be kicked off iDevices in the fall, but that doesn’t mean they can’t make Apple users regret it… here’s another update that will make the breakup harder…