The January Pinkletter

Now that we have all eyes on Apple, stop living in the Cloud, because with the new Beta 9 launch, the competition for supremacy just got more exciting.

And with the shiny new treasure spotted, it’s time to expose the craziest speculations and to breakdown the coolest features. So stay connected and watch out for the hackers, because they are out for you, Windows…

Now who can resist a $10,000 reason?

1. The Wall Street Journal – Apple Chief to Take Leave

With all eyes on Apple Inc., we hear that Steve Jobs’ unexpected time off left everyone speechless and wondering. And will his lieutenant –  Mr. Cook rise to the expectations again?

2. CIO – BlackBerry 6.1: Six Cool, New Features in RIM’s New Upcoming Mobile OS

Enjoyed the BlackBerry 6 OS? Seems like RIM didn’t just rest on the laurels but started creating the new shiny 6.1 OS. So while you hold your breath waiting, here’s a breakdown of the six coolest features to dream of.

3. PCWorld – Mobile Internet Survival Guide: 10 Tips to Stay Connected Anywhere

How far would you go to get (and stay) on-line? If you’re as addicted to your internet connection as we are, we found some life saving tips on that nightmare mobile internet that might really make your day.

4. Mashable – Firefox 4 Beta 9 Hits The Web

With this new Firefox Beta 9 launching, it seems like we’re getting closer and closer to the expected final release. And now that the market is getting crowded, we’re eager to see what you got new, Mozilla…

5. TechNews Daily – White iPhone Shows Up in AT&T System

For those of you who stopped chasing the mythical white iPhone, we have news that might restore your faith… someone spotted the shiny little treasure at the AT&T Online Account Management interface. Well, then it must be real…

6. InformationWeek – Browser guide: Choosing the Best Standard for Business

If you think choosing a browser for your business is as easy as flipping a coin, you couldn’t be more wrong. And since the competition is so tight and the stakes are so high, let’s take a look into the browsers’ dark secrets…

7. SlashGear – Apple Counts Up to 10 Billion App Downloads, Offers $ 10,000 Gift Cards as Thanks

If you still think there aren’t enough reasons to visit the Apple Store, apparently there is one more reason… a $10,000 one. Now that’s what we call gratitude!

8. WinRumors – Microsoft Preparing Official Kinect Drivers and SDK for Windows

Since the launching of the Kinect was such a phenomenon, the idea of making it Windows compatible appealed to many hackers. Now let’s see who gets there first: Microsoft… or the bad guys?

9. Gigaom – MobileMe 101: How to Set Up Back to My Mac

Don’t you just love living in the Cloud? But careful what you take there, the charges might get heavy… Not if you have your own back-up plan: the MobileMe wizard. Sorry guys, this is for Mac users only.

10. TechCrunch – Things About the Endless Facebool Speculation That Have to Be Said

We all like a good gossip once in a while, but sometimes it gets really messed up… so maybe it’s time to put an end to some of the craziest speculations about Facebook.