The January Pinkletter

Now that the days of privacy are over, gather your powerful allies and challenge your enemies or yield in front of their raising glory.

They say the sweetest things are the ones that are forbidden… so leave your personal vendettas behind and break the loyalty tradition, before you mess things up on Day One.



1. TechCrunch: Amazon Gets Into Voice Recognition, Buys Ivona Software To Compete Against Apple’s Siri

Challenging Apple in every possible way, Amazon is now planning to have their voice heard out loud…literally. Guess Siri has a competitor now.


2. Businessweek: You Can’t Hide From Facebook Graph Search

If you were counting on keeping some of the information from your Facebook profile only for the eyes of your closest friends, with the new Graph Search update, those days are effectively over.


3. The Next Web: Google Says Maps Redirect On Windows Phone Was A Product Decision, And Will Be Removed

For those of you who think Google Maps redirect on Windows Phone is a personal vendetta, they blamed it on poor browser performance… Is that so?


4. Reuters: Three Top U.S. Wireless Carriers To Embrace BlackBerry 10

Struggling to come back on the game and to restore their former glory, RIM announced the launch of the new BlackBerry 10… and they have powerful allies on their side.


5. VentureBeat: Pinterest Acquires Punchfork, The Social Site For Recipes, Meals And Gorgeous Photos Of Food

Claiming to do it for the greater good, Punchfork’s CEO decided to yield in front of Pinterest, unifying photographers and fashionistas with cooks.


6. International Business Times: Ophelia: This USB-Size Cloud Computer From Dell Is A Total Game Changer

Aspiring to overcome their glory as PC maker, Dell set its eyes on a new frontier, facing another renaissance if all goes well..  Now that’s ambition!


7. HuffingtonPost: WikiVoyage, Wikipedia Of Travel Guides, Leaves Beta To Take On The Travel Industry

Breaking its loyalty tradition for greedy Wikitravel, Wikimedia Foundation is ready to launch WikiVoyages, hoping to take on the travel industry this time.


8. OMusicAwards: Want To Create A Truly Electric Playlist? Boil The Frog!

Most of the times it’s almost impossible to create a cohesive playlist from your different favorite artists… so why don’t you Boil The Frog? p.s: no frog was hurt during the process.


9. AllThings Digital: Vine, Twitter’s New Video-Sharing App, Gets Tangled Up On Launch Day

Launching the new video-sharing app with all hopes high, seems like Twitter messed things up on Day One… we’ll just blame it on bad luck.


10. Mashable: iTwin Connect Lets You Browse Restricted Sites From Your Work PC

They say the sweetest things are the ones that are forbidden… Here’s how you can access blocked websites wherever you are.