The December Pinkletter – Top Tech News 2017

top tech news 2017

This year, major tech companies definitely raised the bar in terms of improving our lives through technology. Though some mishaps did occur, most of the top gadgets and apps got upgrades, and the quest to make our digital experience safer and better continues. These are the top tech news 2017.

1. January – CES 2017 happened

Major tech companies revealed a range of futuristic gadgets at the CES 2017. LG showcased a stunning new TV, ASUS introduced its new ZenFone AR smartphone and Dell announced a major refresh of its XPS 13 laptop. The new gadgets set a new standard in the tech industry.

2. February – Yahoo was hacked once again

It’s not the first time Yahoo! was hacked. The worst Yahoo! hack was back in 2013 when 1 billion accounts were put to risk. This time, the attack affected an unknown number of customers, but the figures might be large.

3. March – Amazon had a huge outage

Amazon Web Services’ S3 cloud storage experienced “high error rates” that compromised many major websites, such as Giphy, Medium, Slack, and Quora. The company said that one of its employees was debugging an issue and accidentally took more servers offline than intended. Poor guy.

4. April – Facebook held its F8 conference

There have been important announcements during Facebook’s F8 conference. Facebook, Messenger, WhatsApp and Instagram all got new camera tricks, new augmented reality capabilities, and more bots.

5. May – The Google I/O conference happened

Historically, the annual I/O Google conference focused on products like Android and Chrome.  This year, however, the updates revolved around advancements in artificial intelligence – or AI. Seems like this is the new battleground.

6. June – Apple redesigned the iOS App Store

Apple have at last updated its iOS App Store. The big new feature is the two cards to get to know the apps you seek better. Other features, like trimming down the ‘app feed’, may make you want to download even more (or less) apps!

7. July – iPod discontinued iPod Nano and Shuffle

Slowly declining in sales over the years, the iPod Nano and Shuffle have been pulled out of their virtual stores. Sad as it is, this doesn’t come as a surprise. Media players are mostly obsolete gadgets nowadays, but the iPod Touch still survives.

8. August – Android Oreo was released

If you like Oreos, then you must’ve liked Android 8 – if your phone is eligible. When the new OS rolled out, only a few devices could get it. The feature pack is not revolutionary, but it’s definitely a more streamlined version.

9. September – Apple released iPhone 8

The long awaited new iPhone finally rolled out. iPhone 8 will has a ‘sister’ phone, iPhone X, which people could buy in November. Apple’s flagship has a new Apple-designed GPU, louder speakers, video improvements, and much more. But it seems that many reviewers on the web aren’t digging the new iPhone iteration – are you?

10. October – Google launched Pixel 2

Google stormed the smartphone market with its new flagship phone – Pixel 2. Reviewers say that it boasts a superb camera and rock-solid performance. But if you can’t live without a headphones jack, skip this phone.

11. November – Twitter doubled character count

So long 140 character tweets! Ever since November, you can blabber more on Twitter as the social network increased characters count to 280. This could also mean tweets will be less polished and pack less of a punch.

12. Amazon introduced Echo Spot

The cute new device from Amazon uses Alexa to play music, read news, set alarms, cook dinner… and so on. If you need voice-automated help with such things, Echo Spot might hit the spot for you. It’s a pretty good gift, too!

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