The December Pinkletter – Best Marketing and Business Tips of December 2018

Marketing Tips December 2018

Happy New Year! Moments from now, you’ll be celebrating the New Year with a champagne glass in hand. But that won’t stop us from sharing these “best of” marketing tips and tricks! Save them for later – we promise you’ll find something useful. Now let’s go celebrate!

1. How to Make Complex Content Easier to Digest

How can you make content about complex or boring subjects (think ethnographic research of how automobile traction control works) simple to understand and more exciting for your target audience? Here are some tips to help you out.

2. The 5 Best Ways to Send Large Files

Just created a marketing video or stacked together all images you need for your next marketing campaign? The file is probably huge, or at least huge enough to not be able to send it via email or chat. Here are five alternatives to easily transfer large files.

3. Boost Your Brand Awareness: LinkedIn Groups Make a Comeback

For several years, LinkedIn allowed you to create your own branded LinkedIn group that helped boost brand visibility. But all that changed in 2017. Recently, LinkedIn rebuilt groups from the ground up. This is your chance to (re)boost brand visibility through LinkedIn groups.

4. 5 Vacation Blog Tips: How To Keep Your Content Fresh When You Are Away

Vacationing also means taking a blogging break. As a result, most businesses have few if any blog content options. Instead of letting your blog go untended, use these five vacation blog tips and tricks to keep your blog content fresh while you’re away.

5. 13 Beautiful New Ebook Templates [Free Download]

So you have a landing page (perhaps more), but is your offer compelling enough? Without a great incentive, such as a good PDF book, your landing page may not generate as many leads as you might like. Check out these five eBook templates to help make this process easier and more effective for you.

6. 28 Remarkable Sales Stats Leaders Need to Know for 2019

Everyone has their own opinion for what 2019 might hold. These opinions vary widely, and often contradict each other. How do you plan for the unknown? Check out these cold hard facts, which cut through opinions and projections, from buyers, sellers, and sales leaders.

7. Ten 2019 Digital Marketing Predictions You Should Probably Ignore

There are tons of digital marketing prediction posts published, but the folks at SocialMediaToday found time to curate the most questionable of those predictions. Here are some digital marketing forecasts you should probably just ignore.

8. 50 Social Media Statistics to Guide Social Media Managers Into 2019

Like it or not, social media is a huge part of marketing. To help you navigate a checklist for a healthier social media marketing budget for the coming year, check out these recent eye-opening social media statistics.

9. 6 Strategies to Maximize Earned Media for Your Brand

Those days when you get media exposure in publications are exciting. Yet, how you leverage that exposure is what will really pay off for your brand. Here are a few pointers on how to use that media exposure to build or grow a business.

10. 15 Coolest Emerging Company Perks to Watch for in 2019

Finding innovative ways to attract and retain employees is good for both employees and employers. Take a look at these 15 company perks that various companies nationwide are offering employees in the upcoming year and beyond.